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One Stop Motors / Terrible company

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I think people need to realize just how big OSM Advertising is and how many customers they have. When you have 100, 000 customers and have 3 or 4 people complaining they didn't sell their car, it really doesn't paint a true picture of that company. Everybody wants to complain when things don't go well but no one wants to complement a company when they have a great experience. Not only did I sell my car with OSM advertising but my brother sold his as well on OSM four years ago. I got exactly what I wanted for my car and he got even more than he wanted. It did take a little time for me to sell it but when it was all said and done, it was well worth being a little patient. To be honest, I would not only recommend selling a car with OSM, I would also strongly suggest buying one if I was one of the many people who can't get the financing for a new car. I have a feeling for every bad experience with this company, there are 1, 000 good ones that you never get to hear of.

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  • My
      5th of Feb, 2009

    Really? whats your name??

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  • Ro
      27th of May, 2009

    One Stop Motors Complaints Appear To Be Invalid
    One Stop Motors Complaints Investigated, Reports Say Most Are Falsified

    One Stop Motors Receives Backlash On The Net From Competitors, Reports Say

    Complaints against One Stop Motors on the net appear to be fabricated by a disgruntled employee and local competition.

    One Stop Motors complaints on the Internet appear to be coming from local competitors as well as a disgruntled employee. The company says none of the names appearing in the complaints appear in their database of former clients.

    One Stop Motors refutes complaints posted on the Internet. The President of One Stop Motors say the reports seem to be fabricated names of people who have not used their services. A disgruntled employee may hold key to the mystery.

    One Stop Motors has been the victim of Internet slander. A number of negative posts have began appearing on the Internet dating back to 2007, coincidentally, the same year a disgruntled employee was let go from the company.

    According to One Stop Motors President, Rob Wilder, the company has researched the complaints, attempting to match the names posted on each listing with their database of clients. None of the names listed in the complaints board match their records of active or past clients.

    One Stop Motors believes most of the complaints are the result of a disgruntled employee that was let go from the company in 2007, as well as posts from local competition. “We have thoroughly researched each complaint that has been posted for two reasons. One, we want to see whether these are legitimate postings, and two, if they are, we want any customer, past or present, who is not satisfied with our services to contact us right away. We have always gone the extra mile to ensure the happiness of our clients, and we will always continue to do so, ” said Wilder.

    Third party consumer protection sites have also researched the negative complaints and have publicly denounced their validity, declaring, “One Stop Motors customers can feel safe confident and secure when doing business with the One Stop Motors program - Committed to total customer satisfaction.. One Stop Motors ensures that all customers get the highest level of service and support.”

    One Stop Motors specializes in the sale of used cars online. The company offers value added tools such as shipping, financing, extended warranties, insurance, marketing and advertising support for sellers and fraud protection for buyers.


    Robert Wilder

    President / CEO

    702 567 8817


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  • Re
      27th of Aug, 2009

    Mr Wilder,

    The statement above is so like self justification... No proof needed just take me on my word ect. I've yet to meet one person in the flesh that has ever heard of your company much less used it for brokerage.

    Explain to me "why" your company requires a $500 fee upfront, espcially when odds are your netting brokerage fees from the buyer as well as finance kickback if your company refers them to a loan agent ? Odds are that this Ad fee is nothing more then pure commision. IMO "if" your company is legit, you'd not need the Ad fee at all as you'd be recovering your costs from the buyer upon completion of the transaction.

    That is of coarse... Assuming your company is legit.


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  • Qu
      13th of Mar, 2010

    I am not a former employee but a customer who has been robbed. As far as customer service it's been the worst I have ever received in my life, I've been hung up on more then 5 times by Karen. I've asked continusely to speak with anyone over her I never received a call back all I ever received was voicemail, been place on hold and disrespected by Karen. At one point I thought maybe Karen was the only person working there because becide Joe selling this buisness to me (through my ad on which was illegal anyways), I was never given the chance to speak to anyone else. This buisness is bogus and need to be shut down and all it's employees need to be arrested.

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