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C Review updated:

I was driving through Birmingham Alabama the other day when a on-star comercial came on the radio. It played a call where the on-star operator told the police this is on star, we have a front end collision at 35 MPH with air bags deployed.
My on star button could not contact on star so I called them on my cell phone which has a Blocked Number. They answered the call and asked me is this Mr. Phelps? So much for blocked calls.
I used an example "What if I'm in a collision with a vehicle that doesn't have on star and we're both speeding. It's my word against theirs how fast they were driving but your going to tell the police how fast I was driving?" He said there is no direct line to the police so they would not have that information. I explained their commercial on the radio has the on star opperator telling the police how fast the person was traveling at the time of the front end collision and his responce was they only give out information that would assist police in assisting me. I asked if I could request that such information not be relayed to the police in the event of an accident. I didn't get anywhere with that request.
My concern is this service that I'm paying them for may be used aginst me in court should a law suit arrise from an accident.


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