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ON, Canada Review updated:

I have to really agree that Omni Jewelcrafters have no customer service skills and have poor products.
I have had my engagement ring for less than a year and my side diamonds have fallen out on four separate occasions. On one occasion the diamond fell out less than 24 hours after I got the ring fixed. I asked for the ring to be fixed and they told me to stop crying because I was going to get the ring fixed and these were Jack's words. Jack is the owner of all the Omnis. I asked him if I could get the band replaced and he said no problem, but when I got the ring back they did not replace the band. They told me they were going to replace the band and if that is what I wanted. However, now they say they are never going to do that.

Also, warranty is an issue. They keep changing the warranty rules. First, its lifetime and now they say its two years. I asked for the warranty on paper, but they say their word is good enough.


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  • St
      May 18, 2010

    I've heard ominous stories about omni. In any case, the quality of their selling practices is at best dubious.

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  • Sl
      Aug 01, 2010

    Prices are over inflated. I would hazzard a guess at 3 times what the item is worth.

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  • Ba
      Dec 08, 2010

    from what i hav e read here adout omni its a wonder that they can be in buisiness .i guess there must be an awfull lot of people who donot think when they spend .especialy on something as useless and unnecsscary as jewelry.if people were smarter they would stop buying the garbage and make these people get real JOBS that actualy produce something and help society

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  • Da
      Jan 17, 2011

    So I have an update on my ring! Today another diamond fell out making. Thus, making the grad total of 5 diamonds falling out in less then two years!!!

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  • De
      Dec 26, 2015

    I have had 5 diamonds in the halo and the middle diamond fall out in less than 6 months... Absolutely the WORST experience. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEVES!

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