Off Lease Onlydo not buy a car from this dealer

Do not buy a car from this dealer! sells cars that are inferior. They are either fleet rental vehicles or cars that have been in an accident. Rentals are cars that have been abusively driven by many different people and have seen a rough service life.

I took a chance and bought one such vehicle (a 2008 Nissan Altima with 39K miles) and after $5, 000.00 in repairs, am I sorry I ever did business with OffleaseOnly! I did the research on the car and took it to a mechanic nearby to inspect the vehicle. When everything checked out, I purchased the car. They were very pleasant at the time of the sale. However, at the first sign of a problem, the management immediately became rude with me and said the car was my problem.

Approximately three months and 2, 300 miles after I bought the car, the engine started to burn oil and makes a low tapping sound. I immediately had the oil changed, thinking this would solve the problem, but it only became worse! I brought the car to the dealer and they stated the valves were bad on the car.

I took the car back to OffleaseOnly to discuss this with the salesman who did not even want to speak professionally about this matter, instead he rudely dismissed me I had to wait for over half an hour just to talk to the manager while he was busy writing other deals.

I proposed they have the car repaired through one of their dealer contacts who would probably charge them a greatly reduced wholesale cost, or split the cost of the repair at the dealer nearer my house. The bad valves certainly existed prior to my purchase of the vehicle. (I am an elderly person who does not drive very fast, So I do not see how I could have possibly worn the valves down in such a short period of time.)

They did not want to assist me in any reasonable request the manager was clearly annoyed with me and told me that I accepted the car when I purchased and he had no responsibility to assist me with any repairs. Once you purchase your car from Off lease Only, you are on your own this dealer does not offer any service after the sale whatsoever.

They are only pleasant when they are taking your money!! I had no other option than to repair the car at my own cost. The dealer where I had the car repaired charged me $2, 900.00 for the engine work which included boring the cylinders and replacing the worn and broken pistons.

Furthermore, the dealer noticed the car needed new rack and pinion steering and front suspension parts, indicating the car had been in a collision that caused it to hit a curb with great force.

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