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Nuvell / Unsupportive of Military

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Im in the military (USAF) and I financed my 2007 cobalt through Nuvell 4 months ago, I recently received orders to be stationed in Germany and i leave in November. I have a military allotment going with the company and everything. First of all, sometimes when you send payment they dont receive it for whatever reason. Then, when you call to see what happened you are greeted by rude associates who accuses you of never sending it. So i got tired of sending multiple payments at a time and i set up the allotment. Then when i tell them i had orders to germany, they tell me to go ahead and send them the orders and they'll review it. I thought they would look at them and write the letter of approval or whatever (I am in the Military after all and i have no choice on where they send me). Anyway, 2 weeks go by and i call back to check the status and they tell me I was denied the request. I thought it was a mistake so i told her my situation again and she says "I know but you're still denied". that was rude in itself, but when i asked what i was supposed to do with the car she says "I don't know sell it or something". I asked to speak with the manager and i was met with the same response. He told me that i didn't have enough payment history (I've only had the car 4 months now). I'm not trying to "take the company down" though something should be done about their customer service. I simply want to inform everyone that Nuvell is totally unsupportive of the military and our situation. Hopefully someone reads this and decides not to finance with these loan sharks.

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  • Nu
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    You need to mention the Soldiers and Sailors Act, that protects our service men that lowers interest rates and payments while you are in service and on orders.

    And just a side note.

    Thank you for all your dedicated service to our country. It is truly a shame that men and women risk their lives for the freedoms we take for granted. I personally think that if your on active duty you and your family should be burdened with such nonsense. Though the SSAA is a great help to our service men and women, I feel that more needs to be done.

    Sorry to rant but, again THANK YOU SIR FOR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.

  • Nu
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    I apologize I mean to say YOU SHOULDN'T BE BURDENED.


  • Ab
      12th of Dec, 2007
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    The military offers service women and men tons of ways to handle responsibilities while serving the county and yet majority of you don't take advantage of this. How is it that you were tired of sending multiple payments yet you only had the car for 4 months? I would not allow my vehicle to be taken overseas. If you stop paying how would nuvell get the car back? The military does not care and nuvell would catch hell trying to reach you in another country. Nuvell not allowing you to take the car has nothing to do with supporting the military. No, you don't have a choice on where the military sends you but you know it's possible. Why didn't you setup the allotment when you first purchased the car? Just because something does not go your way does not mean they don't support the military.

  • T
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    Ok I am posting this as neutral because I work for Nuvell. The SCRA should have been approved if a copy of the orders were received in a timely fashion. We do grant relief on a number of issues and I don't know if the person that posted this comment asked for SCRA or just some form of relief or taking the vehicle over seas or what have you. Another thing, there are a lot of people in collections and after reading these comments, I tend to believe that poeple are complaining becuase they can't pay their bills. You have to remember, we have to do our jobs in order to pay ours. If you can't be on time and you know in advance ask for a deferrment or an extension (that goes for any financial institution) we are here to get your account current in any way we can. Be honest EVERYTIME you talk to a collector if you tell them you are going to pay your bill on the 15th do it, if you can't call them and tell them why BEFORE the 15th and make other arrangments. I guarantee you as long as you make your payment in the month that it is due they will not get mean or nasty with you...if they do ask for a supervisor you have that right.

  • Kr
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    I cant agree with you more, My Husband is military also, we purchased our last car through Nuvell and had an allotment and never missed a payment and we even paid it off early, so we thought when we bought our second vehicle that we would of been thought of as good customers because of our history but.. when we bought our second my husband got sent to cali.. for training and the allotment he set up had some problems and i didnt know and he didnt know so when i received the bills from Nuvell i got a hold of my husband to call them he did and said as soon as he returned he would take care of it we were 2 months behind they came and took the vehicle before my husband returned home only 2 payments after having paid our first off early and having good history my husband tried to talk to them to say hey what the h..., and was rudly hung up on and he was very proffesional and not rude How can they have done this to us .. ruining our credit to get 2 payments from good history customers, They i think our horrible lenders and i dont think that any won with any senority or credibilty work for them id love to find out and sue for the damage they didnt need to afflict!!!

  • Ed
      21st of May, 2008
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    I'm staying neutral because there customer service is not good at all and your better off finding fundings with another company because this one has big issues besides GMAC being in there pockets and NUVEL in GMAC pockets. They stroke each other and screw customers plain and simple. There are better financial institutes out there and even the BBB is disregarded by NUVELL so you be the judge.

  • Dj
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    I work with Military Soldiers and Families and you need to see a JAG over this issue like ASAP. Hopefully you have kept all of your documentations of the conversations and the names of the people you have talked to. I will tell you in 24 years of being a military spouse and having moved to Germany and other places myself I have never had a finace company stop you from taking your property as long as you are up todate on the loan. There are many companies that will set up around the bases just to rip Service members off and the Post or Camp usually has a do not use list. Check into all of that before you give it up or you maybe in structed to return the car and fight for your money make sure you dispute it on your credit report.

    Thanks and good luck Dj

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