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Nutrafarms Inc. / Deceiving door to door sale

1-5 Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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I would be very careful of a company roaming around the Ottawa and Toronto area, they are called NutraFarms. They will try to provide you a sample and even heard they take back the sample if you don't sign up for a $3000 contract. NutraFarms seem to have been setup to deceive people.

The company has not being honest when I started asking questions such as where are the farms, where are the certification to back all the free range, no antibiotic claims. Nutrafarms Regional Manager provided excuses saying the farmers are shy and want to remain anonymous. Also their web site is "under construction" I was told after an email to someone in the "contact us". So any affiliations or certifications are not present on the web site. That actually makes sens because they don't have any. When you buy from NutraFarms, there is no way that you can verify what you are feeding your family. Also when looking at various trace on the internet it seems Nutrafarms started operating only in May 2008, before that, they must have operated under the name Canadian Select Farm because they both share the same postal address.

Maybe Nutrafarms is truly what they claim but it is not possible to verify because the company is not being transparent at all and also uses many deceiving tactics. Maybe the "blast freeze" makes the meat better as oppose to free range, etc.

Did you notice those that ordered, that you actually don't know the quantities you ordered until you receive it? This is quite a weird way of buy goods and from what I could see you will get about 160lbs of meat for the cost of $2895, that is probably 3 times the price you get from the real "free range" farmers out there that has all certificate and you can visit the farms.

Nutrafarms uses another deceiving tactics, they will provide you with a certificate with a big "Free Range" stamp. Unfortunately that stamp is an illusion because the small print shows "Free Range Canada Inc". That company is a whole seller no certification at all see

Anyways you have 10 days cooling off period to cancel in writing via registered letter. Beside the cost of registered letter, NutraFarm can't impose any other costs since they didn't provide you yet with any products except the free sample. see

Aug 11, 2013
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  • Ka
      15th of Jan, 2014
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    We decided to give Nutrafarms a try in Spring 13, but will definitely not be renewing. The primary reason is that the meat did not last us anywhere near the predicted time, and some of the cuts were very disappointing. For example, we were out of back ribs in less than two months, chicken breast in about five months, and hamburger in about seven. We still have a number of strip loin steaks left, but that is primarily because we did not feel that they were of sufficient quality to serve to guests. The tenderloin was excellent, but the strip loins do not even come close to FarmBoy beef. Some of the steak cuts looked they were cut by an amateur butcher - very uneven thickness and way too thin to bbq in some cases. The bacon was far fattier than anything we would ever buy and the packaging was horrible - the fatty end was folded over itself making it very difficult to separate. It was tasty though, as were the pork chops and hamburger. The roasts in general were not that great. It is nearly impossible to gauge value as the package we received contained so many changes from the order list - I would guess that this is intentional to make an honest price comparison very difficult. The sales pitch emphasise the quality and the 30-day exchange if you are not happy with anything. 30 days came and went and we never got a call from anyone to see if we were happy or if we wanted to make any exchanges. If the company cannot walk the talk, then they are not deserving of any future business from me. Here it is Jan 14, and we have almost no Nutrafarms meat left and are still stuck with our $143.75 biweekly payments for another 4+ months!

  • Ri
      21st of Oct, 2017
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    @Kanata Resident We've been customer going on our third year now and we just received our third order actually. I also have problem with Nutrafarms but in a different way. The quality we found was great. Yes we did get the odd chuck of meat that could have been better but then that happens at our locale grocery store also. As for the quantity, I never assumed I was buying one year worth of meat. I looked at this as buying $3500 dollars worth of meat and spreading the coast over 10 months. We still look for sales and take advantage of those. We liked it because we don't need to go get it, don't need to separate into individual packs, don't need to have a machine to vacuum pack it and so forth. Our problem is their paper work. They seriously need to make some advancement with this. We never really could grasp a hold of just what we have purchased. The order form reminds me of the paper world we used to live in. They need to step into the computer age. And when the order arrives there is no one complete list of what we are getting. We need to spread it out on the floor and physically count our meat order. Because this is so vague, we don't know if we are paying 17$ a lbs or 22$ a lbs and this is worrisome for us. They need to change or they will loose us has a customer.

  • Th
      16th of Jan, 2014
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    Nutrafarms - came to my house ( new suburb in London ON) today.
    The whole thing weekend of "shoddy" as the "farmer" didn't turn up on time - and was 45 mins later that his agreed time!! I welcomes the 'farmer" into the house foyer and asked him - Pls take off your shoes - and you can wear these new( still in store wrapped sealed bags) slippers to put on". and that BECAME THE POINT where he started talking to me about my HOUSE!!! oh nice house but do you have to get people to take of shoes and do you really want to smell peoples smelly socks!! WOW > I sat him down and asked if he wanted something to drink since he be talking long time ( I guessed) he said NO I don't other peoples tap water !!!
    So I guess by now anyone can guess the tone of this 'salesman/Farmer' would be!! He told me if I had read the website I told him - nothing much about the farms and no REAL INFO - but lots of "general statements"
    So I asked him " wheres the farms?" he saod they have a group in farmers ...
    > Beef where does the meat get processed? -- wow NOT DONE BY THE FARMERS!!
    >>Chicken - what is the average weight of (full )chicken that you sell?? - oops we don't sell many full chicken -we try to tell people not to do that !!! - we process all our meet at OUR FACILITY - so how does one know if any or only few of the meats comes from their select farms!!! rest can be bought from " farm mill" and might even be WORSE that the so called 'supermarket trash' you talk of? ...No answer
    >> so what defines "natural " in your view or your company's view? how does Nutrafarms DEFINE NATURAL?? -- well we follow what Govt oF Canada sets down for farmers to do. -- oh they have inspectors for that - which dept ? which of the areas they go to check? feeding? animal health management? or grass levels? - so what and who does this checking? ... well we can really assure you that all the meat is NATURAL.. so I tell him ANY MEAT is always produced my 'nature' its not yet made in a LAB - but we pretty close to that one I hear !!!
    So who "own" the meat while I am paying off weekly or montly? - YOU DO -- ok > so there if there is like a flooding in my basement and fridge goes off, and meats spoil - ISTILL HAVE TO PAY .. when I don't have that Meat good eough to eat? .. yes but you can exchange it to whatever you don't like - so I can exchange thisBAD MEAT to you guys give me new new lot? -- nope only for first 30 days.
    hmmn, , , so Nutrafarms = has NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything after these so called "natural" meats are deleivred ?? nope just pay us the monthly sum and we will keep looking after you !!!

    SO I stood up and said thanks for the time and please let you leave and look for other custoimers - as I have already decided to NOT BUY from you guys.

    He got so upset that he could take off his "slippers", , , ( they just slide off - nothing needed to take your socks off !!) so he kept telling me pls don't write a bad comment on the website pls

    >>> note made from RECORDING DURING this "farmer/salesman" talking to me about this "order system"
    for my part - Nutrafarms - should be HONEST and OPEN about how they do 'business' they wont even list who own the company, nor their senior management details - just gots of General INFO and nothing specific that would me me comfortable that the famers they deal with are even doing what they claim on their website!!

  • Dr
      28th of Jan, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Hi there,
    We got a Nutrafarm salesman visit last week (January the 23rd) and he got us signed on Pack #1 (the 2800 CAD) order. I'll leave aside the fact that he arrived one hour later and took three hours to get things done.
    Unfortunately, next day when we actually sat down and try to figure out exactely how much meat we eat in one year, we realize it's Nutrafarm contract would either get us too much meat or too expensive.
    Bottom line, yesterday, Jan27 (so I'm still in the 10days cancelation period), i called them to either reduce the meat at 50% quantity or cancel the contract. The branch manager tried to offer several options - but none on reduce the size of the order. So, when I told him I'll cancel, he said there is a 15% RE-STOCKING FEE. Could not believe it, there is nothing like that in the papers I have from the salesman!!
    Really, how can you ask for 15% restocking FEE, when you did not deliver squat?!? The manager said I have signed that paper - which I don't have?! and I asked him to send me a scanned copy of it by email That was yesterday - so far nothing.
    Can anybody confirm if they have seen this 15% re-stocking fee?
    Thank you very much.

  • Ga
      27th of Feb, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Hey drgl,
    I read your comment about Nutrafarms. We've also decided to cancel and on the back of the Agreement there's only the 10 day cancellation policy but no word about the 15% restocking fee. Here is the Government of Canada website regarding cancellations.
    NutraFarm can't impose any other costs since they didn't provide you yet with any products except the free sample.
    Did you hear back from Nutrafarms regarding your cancellation?

  • Ly
      3rd of Mar, 2014
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    We were visited this weekend by a nutra farm sales rep. Very smooth talking, very good at selling the product. We got roped in and signed. When he left he didn't leave us the list of what we were actually getting for the $3000. That made us a little uncomfortable. We emailed the next day and got the list. When you actually calculate the price after all the added costs (on the last page) the price per kilo comes to $34. A little steep. So we decided to cancel the contract. The regional manager contacted us and threw in a free freezer to win us over, but by that time we knew we were scammed. And anyone who throws in a $600 freezer for free must be making some serious money. Anyway, beware, smooth sales person and he pulled some good sales tactics!

  • Dm
      25th of Apr, 2014
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    You guys are seriously looped. First off I don't know how people who didn't even buy are complaining as they have no first hand experience. Secondly whoever was saying all that nonsense about certification and natural/no hormones etc, we live in Canada and every single food company (retailer/processer/butchery etc) is inspected by the health board and if they are NOT supplying exactly what they are advertising they are SHUT DOWN. Don be so ridiculous we don't live in the 1800's. I have bought from this company for the past 3 years and I think the cost is actually amazing considering the quality of the products they supply. I get the smallest package and pay like $50 a week. Tell me where you can buy natural free range meat on a weekly basis for that kind of money? I used to spend twice that going to places like nature's emporium etc. The reason they don't give you an exact list of what you bought is because they have to fit every dollar you spend into your order which fully customizable and therefore DIFFERENT for everybody. Mine is slightly different every year because I choose slightly different things every year. Sometimes more steaks, sometimes less ground beef etc, all depends on our current eating habits/schedule etc. I for one love the products and the convenience, and find it to be fairly priced. If you don't like the concept then don't buy, but don't come on here bashing the company of you've never even tried it. Do something more productive with your time.

  • Br
      11th of Nov, 2018
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    @dmwordsmith Why is the chicken not yellow in colour?

  • Ml
      27th of May, 2014
    -3 Votes

    i hope that you get your next order free, or they thank you for kissing the companys @$$ or you get a nice extra bad meat product.

  • An
      6th of May, 2018
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    @mlet99 ;) they came to our door but after reading this we will send them away we do not want the free sample lol

  • Ja
      16th of Jul, 2014
    +6 Votes

    Hi there, i recently just signed for my second year with NutraFarms. I used to spend around $60 -$70 every week on meat products from sobey s or ZehrS. I find im saving $30 a week give or take. Plus i know where its coming from. I dont understand why there is complaints about Nutra farms when there are stores like Giant tiger an wallmarts that sell awfull tasting meats. Maybe not all of it is awfull but some chicken breats are so salty and seems like its not real. I actually took it back to the frocerystore and asked how they can sell this.?
    I use to buys from a butcher but they are over prices compared to what i buy from Nutra farms. Its because the butcher buys directly for farms and marks thier meat way up. My uncle has signed too and is happy with nutra...i heard that someone said bad things about nutra and i had to look it up. Ive been happy with the meat i have boughten and my kids like eating meat now i think becuase it tastes better the. What we use to have to buy. These bad comments are making me wonder what is going on. Im outside of kitchenr ontario and there alway nice and have never been mean. And also once i found a steak that looked like there was air in the package from a rip i do t know if i caused but i called and they stopped to replace it. It was two an a halfs day later...the guy gave me two in return. For all i know it could have been me that tore the package or my oldest who is 8 years old. He likes looking for the meat when we choose what to have for dinner. I dont know. I always thought nutra to be nice and im happy enough to have ordered again. And i have to say before iforget, how many parents are going to mc donalds with thier kids when we know for a fact what they put in there food. Hope this letter gets and honest response. Jason M. :)

  • Em
      7th of Aug, 2014
    +5 Votes

    The price is fair, definitely a lot cheaper than what I paid at Rowe farms (and they didnt even have grass fed beef). My kids have liked the food more than anything else in the past and thus I only get meat from nutrafarms these days. Every time I've re-ordered it has been the same price as well (3 orders).. dating back two years. They give you a 3 year price guarantee. I recommend them for anyone who is looking to feed their family hormone and antibiotic free meat without paying the costs typically associated with this kind of product - its not cheaper than a grocery store though.. maybe 10% more but you pretty much get that back with the fact that chicken and ground beef wont shrink. They told me they never use water in processing or chilling, so your dollar goes further, it also keeps the meat fresh in a freezer forever.. ive eaten packages past a year old and no problems.

  • To
      12th of Aug, 2014
    -1 Votes

    How do you know that their meat is really free range? Not EVERY piece of meat is certified. They are not a certified sustainable farm.

  • Me
      13th of Aug, 2014
    +3 Votes

    We are almost done our 4th order of Nutrafarms meat and I will never buy meat from a regular grocery store
    Again. The quality and taste of the food, the convenience of the portion size and packaging and the quantities are perfect. Our first year, like most people I was a bit wary of buying from a company selling door to door but
    I liked their story and Nutrafarms seemed to address my concerns. I wanted to find a healthier, local and more humane alternative to the feed lots, bse 'mad cow', e-coli scares, food recalls and animal cruelty that is part of the 'normal' way that we shop for our food...Nutrafarms has fit the bill perfectly. In my first year we decided to try a smaller package than what the salesguy recommended even though he advised that it wouldn't last the 12 months and it didn't. The next order ... 8 months later we ordered what the sales guy suggested after taking time to really consult with us to find out what we spend on groceries and how much meat we eat. Since that second order Nutrafarms has provided is with awesome value and the quantity has lasted between 12 and 14 months each time. I find it interesting how many people will go out of their way to rip a company up on the Internet spewing their comments while making no comments about companies whose poor practices have sickened and even killed people. Not one comment about animals being fed ground up other animals, about workers abusing animals, about retailers pumping or soaking chicken and pork with water and then selling it to
    By the pound or the many other disgusting and terrible things that the 'normal' commercial meat industry does everyday...legally...and you go out of your way to spend your money on this? In my experience Nutrafarms
    Costs about the same as when I used to shop in the store for meat, I would actually say that I spend a bit of a
    Premium actually...but when I consider the quality (you can't get beef that has been dry aged for 28 days at loblaws :-), the fact the they support ontario farmers and I know my meat is coming from Ontario, the taste of the chicken, pork and the fact that I don't buy freezer bags anymore or throw out freezer burned or otherwise bad store products or spend the time and gas going to different stores to chase 'deals' ... I'd say I actually save money. All in all, if you like what their story is ... Give it a try, I won't feed my family anything else. To drgl..there is a very clear statement about the 15% restocking fee on the food order sheet, you had to sign right below it..and uh, thistle?? Wtf?? Socks? Smelly feet? What f are you on about?

  • Di
      15th of Aug, 2014
    -4 Votes

    What a scam! Was told 11$ kg. But actually paid 28$ kg. they dont tell u half the package cost is shipping and handling stuff. Dont buy people!

  • Di
      15th of Aug, 2014
    +2 Votes

    Meatlover. u must work for nutrafarms. naturafarms. Whatever. It really is sad u cant trust anyone these days. Its our own fault because we were in a rush and did not look into what we were actually getting when we signed. He just kept saying its 11$kg. there was no mention that around 1400$ is extra fees. It only says what number package u are getting. after weighing everything we had 110KG and paid $3000. Thats actually 28$/kg This business will die if word keeps spreading so do the right thing and post! check out the pic I posted of our bill after we recieved everything. F U NATRAFARMS!

  • Ho
      11th of Aug, 2017
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    @Dismad You pay for overhead anywhere you go. think of the water content, theft insurance, employee income, and electricity...either way you pay for more than just cost...thats what a business is...i mean...i think its interesting you expect to get more for less...who do you think will pay for these cost? its built in the comes to 8 dollars a pound...
    there is a freezer included, fruits veggies and pantry...why are you calculating based on just meat?

    3000 for best quality meat, fruits veggies, pantry, cleaners and brand new freezer is a better price than you would get anywhere getting [censor] food

  • El
      5th of Sep, 2014
    Best Best Advice +9 Votes

    Strongly disagee. And I'll tell you why.

    I worked in the meat processing industry for many unhappy years and was super thrilled to hear that these guys properly process and air chill everything, guaranteeing in writing less than 2% water content, thats impossible to come by. I was pretty much sold by that point but the sales rep kept telling me about all the additional ways they raise their livestock and showed me many photos and farm locations, it's a really impressive process that these guys do. Very few butcher shops go to the extent that they do, I really know of only one in Toronto, and the price is almost twice as much as their per unit costs which the sales rep went through with me on, I'd pay 9 dollars a pound any day for antibiotic free, free range, 72 day old capon chicken without water - that is SO hard to find in the days of inflated prices for terrible quality poultry... in fact it just doesnt exist in the market without going to farms directly anymore.

    I did an order with them 5 months ago and I'm amazed at how far the meat goes. One little package of ground beef seems to last forever! Big contrast to the crap, cartilage and water we get in traditional ground beef (I wont even get into it, Id make someone sick if I did). I bought before trying the sample, you can just look at it and tell that you are getting real ground beef, no cartilage, awfuls or connective tissue. Someone needs to show this stuff to Kirkland Signature lol.

    I highly recommend this company, as long as you are not on a No Frills budget, its not cheap but these guys are worth every penny, and give you a 3 year price lock, so I don't have to worry about the forecasted 14 percent jump in the next year. Nutrafarms is more pricey than your current grocery stores, but you get it back in the water content alone, let alone quality - make no mistake, this is by far the best raised and processed meat in our province, and the price is fair. Its a shame that most families dont have the knowledge in the food industry that I do or everyone would be getting their meat from these guys (unless you have access to a farm that goes to their lengths. Kudos to this company, they don't deserve to be on the Complaints board.

    And anyone who questions the costs on wrapping and overhead on the back, that was actually the most impressive part. FYI guys, when you buy meat in a grocery store only about 20% is the food cost. So I don't know why your complaining that Nutrafarms' food cost is only 60% - are you going to the farms to slaughter, de-feather, butcher, clean, wrap, weigh, store, freeze, box, store, sort, pack, price, and deliver yourselves? Lets all stop trying to be experts please. Take this company off this list.

  • El
      5th of Sep, 2014
    +6 Votes

    That is what ground beef is supposed to look like, well done.

  • Si
      1st of Dec, 2014
    +2 Votes

    I just wanted to add that I had a different experience with Nutrafarms. The samples were of good quality. We couldn't pull the trigger on investing that much money up front without knowing exactly what we were getting but Mark at the head office in London was very helpful and cancelled our order as per our request.

  • Ce
      12th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    A friend of mine ordered the freezer full of meat from them and they gave me a handful of items to take home and try out. I tried the ground beef, chicken breasts, bacon, hot sausages, and porc chops. I didn't get to try the steaks and other items yet unfortunately.

    So here is a review of each products quality, not considering price...
    1. Chicken Breast - breast bones are noticeably larger compared to what I normally get at the grocery store, and it also appeared to have less fat. Personally this wasn't an advantage to me since it dries out the meat even more than regular chicken breasts since they generally already have a low fat content. It's easy to fix with some olive oil though. I'll say I'm neutral on the quality since I am guessing it is still healthier.

    2. Ground Beef - Honestly didn't notice a difference in taste, but then again I added lots of seasoning to the meet. It was a great meal, probably healthier I assume than store bought stuff. I can't honestly say it tastes different though.

    3. Bacon/Porc Chops - The Porc products is where I noticed the greatest difference in quality. The fat/protein content I would say is probably the same ratio or very close to what you get in the store. However the difference I noticed is that they don't shrink by like 20%-50% when cooked. When I finished cooking the meat I was in awe that they were still practically the same size as when they were raw. I'm guessing this has something to do with the water content being higher in the store bought items.

    4. Hot sausages - Good quality and taste, except they were not hot. I would classify them as mild.

    All that said, I am happy enough with the quality that I might place an order. I have a sales rep coming over in a few weeks. It's a little frustrating that I can't review the product brochure online and that part would normally scream "scam" to me if I didn't already know someone with their products. One thing that is in their favor is that their financing/payment option doesn't have interest.

    This is a neutral post, but I will post again after my sales rep experience whether I buy or not. At the very least I would agree that they need to improve their marketing and online presence. There is no price listings or shopping cart component on their website, what is up with that. If I had not already tried the products I would have completely disregarded them for this reason alone.

  • Ga
      16th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I liked our sales agent. He was very polite, friendly & knowledgeable. Both my husband and I are in the science profession, so we understood how they verified their product, which is in my opinion hard to find all in 1 supermarket (organic, farm-raised, etc.) Going to a local farm just doesn't seems practical with our busy schedule. Now I don't have to worry about shopping for meat & fish, just produce, dairy & shelf staples.

    Our delivery came yesterday. Although it seemed overwhelming unpacking 26 boxes into a freezer that came with our order, after a few hours we finally got most of it to fit. Had to give away 1.5 box to family. Probably won't order that much next time, but happy with the cuts & quality. Btw, the free sample of meat was amazing!!

  • No
      15th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I had someone come to the door recently and found him to be very suspect. I was currently making dinner and in an effort to get back to my dinner, I asked for a company phone number to call if I decide to purchase through Nutrafarms. The answer that I received back was "I can't give you that as our phone will always be busy with sales people making out-going calls." This might have been the saddest answer that I have ever heard. Perhaps the company is legit and it was just a really bad salesperson. Either way, I'm not buying!

  • Tr
      26th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Everyone here should check out a new company called truLOCAL. They are a local company that also get their meat locally to Ontario. The biggest difference is that you can order monthly. It is shipped right to your door the day after you place your order and to be very honest it is amazing. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this company. Look for yourself and you can try an order. It won't cost you $3000+ to try. My order was $250.

  • Ho
      11th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    @trytruLOCAL multiply 250 by 12 lol...its 3000...trulocal is cool and all...but its different value for cost...retail is always more expensive than wholesale

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