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NTB Tire / purchased faulty tire

1 7333 W. 119th stOverland Park, KS, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 913-338-5030

I have a 2001 Honda Accord that I took to NTB to have two tires replaced. I purchased 2 new Faulken tires and put them on the rear. The two other tires on the front of the car were the orginal bridgestone tires that came with the car. As I drove the car home I noticed that the new tires were causing a my car to have a mild shake in the rear. I contacted NTB the next day and they advised me that the shake was from having mismatch tires on the car. They told me that this was common and that I should have replaced all four tires. I continued to drive the car for the next 9 months until the front tires that came with the car needed to be replaced. I went back to NTB in 1/2008 and purchased two more Faulken tires. NTB rotated the tires that I had purchased 9 months before and put those on the front of the car. As soon as the started to drive the car the front wheel had a mild shake in it and it turned into a very bad shake on the interstate. I contacted NTB back and they advised me to come in so they could recheck the balance and the alignment. They told me that everything checked out fine and that they did not see any problems but they never drove the car. I continued to drive the car for another 6 weeks until mid march of 2008 and brought the car in to have a flat repaired on one of the rear tires. I added a litlle fix a flat just to make it to the gas station for air. While at NTB getting the flat repaired I mentioned that I still had a bad shake in the front end of my car. NTB preformed another alignment, ( I had purchased a 3 year alignment contract from them, otherwise I would be paying for this), and balanced the tires again ( I also purchased the lifetime tire Balance program) they told me that everthing checked out fine but they did notice that my rear camber was out about 1/2 of a degree and that it was not adjustable . The NTB Serive person told me that this was causing the shake in the front of the car and suggested that I take the car to Honda to have it looked at. I drove the car and not only did it shake very bad still, but now the car had a bad pull and was hard to control correctly on the highway. I contacted Frank Ancona Honda and made an appointment to bring the car in to have it looked at the next weekend on 3/29/2008. I told Frank Ancona Honda what had been going on and provided them with My alignment spec sheet. They instantly noticed that NTB set the Alignment specs for a [protected] Honda Accord and I have a 2001 Honda Accord. THis caused excessive wear on the two new tires that I had just purchased 8 weeks prior. Frank Ancona Honda test drove my car and said that the issue was a faulty tires poss. a bad belt on the front left tire. The said the the they also noticed a little Vibration on the right tire and suggested to have both tires replaced but that the left front tire was causing most of my shaking issue. Frank Ancona also said that the rear Camber being out in My year of Accord is not that abnormal and that a 1/2 degree would not be detectable under normal driving condtions. They also advised me that this would not cause the front end of my car to shake. I paid my my $65.00 dollars and thank ed them. The next day I returned to NTB and advised them that my last alignment was done incorrectly and of Hondas findings of the tire issue. The same counter person from last time was there and he told me in a rude manner that he was not going to do anything today. NTB has a policy that you need to bring the car in during normal hours M-F so they can contact the manufacter to get a return approval. So I left with the same problem. I contacted another NTB store in Olathe that has only been open for 6 months and explained the situation to them. They told me to bring the car in on the weekend and they would take a look. I came in the following weekend and explained the situation. I was at the store for about an hour and they told me that my car was finished. The service manager came out and told me that I would have to take the car back to The Overland Park Store to have the issued addressed but he was very nice about it. I really did not want to go back to that store again but contacted John the General Manager john and I explained the situation, as to everthing that had been going on for the past 3 months. He told me to bring the car in they would test drive the car and look at the tire. They could not replace the tire on the weekend but if they found anything wrong with the tire, I could come back the following weekend. I finally decided to just pay 80 dollars for another tire rather then risk my life any longer. I asked if they could wave the 26 balance and stem fee. They advised me that this was not normal company policy and they would be charging me for this as well. I watched the service tech pull my car in and open my hood. I knew that I had a dirty air filter and had been wanted to change it but I had been very bothered with the tire issue. I watched the tech pull my air filter and take it itnside to show the Sales/ Service Manager. I went over the them and thanked them but requested that they just replace the tire on the car. When I was paying at the counter the Sales associate said that they noticed some fix-a flat in the tire and that this was causing the shaking issue with my car. I politely thanked the man and got out of there. The only problem with his analogy was that the issue was there from the time that the tires were newand from reading above I did not use any fix -a flat until March of 2008. I am writing this just to advise other people to be carefulof NTB. IF you look you will find other people that have had issues with this company that were alot worse then what I went through. I may even go back to have my car Aligned at NTB in the future again ( Since I still have 2 years on my service contract left)but I will never purchase tires from them again and I won't be returning ever to the Overland Park KS Store.

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