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Northern Leasing Systems / Northern Leasing Systems ripoff, dishonest, fraudulent business practices, harrassment...

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Believe it or not, I just got served by this rip-off loser of a company. We sent back their equipment after they failed to provide a copy of the lease after repeated requests, when they finally sent one, it was someone elses lease! My husband sent back their sub standard equipment with return request receipt. He also called them several times after asking for a letter stating that they received the equpiment; they refused. We have our USPS poof of receipt by them.

The critical point is that they specifically told me that it was not a long term commitment and the lease was based on a month to month basis and as long as I had their equipment. The lease stops upon the return of the equipment.

They added the number 48 to the lease document afterward without your knowledge and permission. The paper and receipt of payment that I have does not indicate 48 months lease commitment.

The other papers that they are presenting were forged by adding the number 48 after I have signed it without my knowledge or permission and only learned about it over a year later when I asked to return the equipment and terminate the lease.

At the time of the papers signing there was a lease agreement that was written in a very small print that is impossible to read and it did not have the number 48 in it when you signed it.

When I asked to have copies of all papers I signed, they gave you only one paper that included the receipt of first payment.

They sent me copy that I recognized as a forged document as I remembered that I specifically insisted on lease as long as I use the equipment and the lease will terminate upon sending the equipment back and they confirmed that by showing me that the document does not include any long term lease beyond the period in which I still have their equipment.

The lease agreement presented to the court as exhibit A IS NOT the same document that I signed. IT is an enlarged photocopy version and I have never seen it before.

I am instructing the court to ask for the original documents (not photocopies) and it might be easier to see that the number 48 was added later, after you signed the document.

Austin, Texas

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  • Cl
      8th of Nov, 2006
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    Northern Leasing Systems has scammed me again. The first time i settled and paid because they got a judgement that went on my redit right wen i was buying a home, so i had to pay it. now 3 years later they have cut and pasted my signature on another contract and are trying the same thing again. i need some help getiing this company off my back.

  • Br
      20th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Hi, Sorry about that you are having troubles with Northern Leasing. I am to after 7 years later. I have file a civil suit against them in the US district court in sacramento, Ca. I have created a web site Can you let others no about this site. I thank you Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

  • Pe
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    i am four months into the harassment from northern leasing.the equipment i received was to be on a thirty day trial, if i was not happy the salesman would take out the terminal no strings attached.poof the salesman disappears and next thing i am getting bills from northern leasing and they are withdrawing money from our business account.the terminal never worked properly and i have copies of unsigned contracts, but northern leasing could care less, they just keep demanding money and threatening my credit.
    i have since hired a lawyer and changed my business account, but it seems as if all i did was anger them, because they then started barraging my business and home with phonecalls.they are rude and unwilling to listen, they just wave the contract over my head, a contract that is not fully filled out.
    why do they get away with this, and how do we go about stopping them?the state of new york does not seem to care, and have been unwilling to help me out or even point me in the proper much for looking out for the little guy.

  • Wv
      13th of Aug, 2010
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    We too hve been harrassed by Ruben Garcia in legal for Northern Leasing. Their rep also promised wonderful things 2 weeks in and I cancelled because we were not receiving the services requested. We returned to our former processing company. Northern Leasing sent me a copy of the contract and to my astonishment the contract was not signed by anyone in our company.
    We provided copies of signature as requested. We eventually sent 30 individual copies as they continued to say we had no provided the signatures. We even had sent the original registered and they told us the person signing was in the NY office and they were elsewhere.
    They have attempted to deduct the amount of $9920.00 without our knowledge. Ruben now threatens that when my father sells his house they are going to collect what is owed to them and the fact that the contract was signed fradulently is inmaterial we had the equipement which we had sent back and now they are sending it back to us.
    I guess now I will have to contact my attorney. As for Mr Garcia's phone edicate he needs to go bak to school. Screaming and threatening me over the phone and hang ups and referrals to being and idiot surely is not in the company handbook.

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