No!No! / scam company

*"no no" cthemis a scam!!! must read-do not order!! yesturday (a sunday) i inquired online about ordering a
"no no". since they did flex pay, $83 a month for 3 months, i decided to order. we print the order & notice multiple things on the order that we did not order...totaling "$477." i call the # on the website but it's only sales, for those wanting to place an order. the guy tells me i need to call customer service tomorrow bcuz theyre closed wknds. i freak! i call them 1st thing this morning. first, she tells me my total order is actually for $672...but my 1st charge is for $477. i tell her to cancell immediately & i no longer want anything from them. she then says, "your order is in the warehouse ready to ship. there's nothing i can do. you'll need to wait til you recieve it then return it. but you will pay the s/h." i ask to speak to a manager & she says, "they'll just tell you the same thing." & refused to pass me to a manager. she, "nikita" was also very rude, condescending & kept talking over me.
I called my bank & explained the entire thing. since the payment is still pending, i have to wait til it posts for my bank to dispute the charges. my bank cancelled my credit card & said whether "no no" cooperates or not, i will be credit the full amnt. i plan to ruin this company the best i can. i'm reporting them to the "better business bureau", consumer affairs, etc. including trashing them everywhere via social media.
do not order from this shady a** company!
In fact, safer to order things on ebay & amazon.

Mar 14, 2016

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