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My 86 year old Father was interested in buying the no no hair remover for my 83 year old Mother. He called the number shown on TV and talked to a man named Stan, when Stan told him the price ( in excess of $340.00 dollars) he asked Stan to please hold on a moment so he could check with Mom to see if she wanted to pay that much. They decided that was too much, and was not going to make the purchase. When Dad returned and picked up the phone Stan had already hung up. Dad figured that was it and thought the deal was not going to happen given that he had not authorized Stan to use his credit card and had not actually ordered the NO NO product. 10 days later the NO NO showed up at his door and his bank account was charged by the NO NO company. We are going to seek legal action for unauthorized use of his credit card. These people are dishonest and criminal, there was never permission given to use his credit card. And Stan needs to be horse whipped!

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      15th of Feb, 2013

    BEWARE! NoNo is crap, trying to return is next to impossible, the price they claim on their website in actuality triple the cost, you will never get a refund and they will do anything they can to keep you indebted to them by playing games with the unit returns.
    I bought a unit for the $100 price on their website. The first unit didn't work so they sent me out another. I found it doesn't work on fine hair and burnt my skin, but before I could call to return it, they called and said I owe an additional $179.91. WHAT? They said to read the fine print in the paperwork they sent with the unit. Still nothing that stated this addtional price. It's a bait and switch scheme where they say it costs $100, but once you get it, they triple the cost.
    So I called after the 45 days and before the 60 to return it altogether. There is no way I'd pay $100, much less close to $300. They tried charging my credit card over and over, but I had the numbers changed!
    They said they would send me return postage with the RMA #s, but they never did. Finally, I returned the units, the broken one and the other, with my money and sent it return-receipt. I received the notice they had received my units and I thought the nightmare of dealing with them was nearly over once I received my $100 refund. But, instead of receiving the refund, they actually mailed me out another unit! I can't believe this!
    When I called to tell them this, they told me they don't know what the problem is, but I am now past the 60 days and I now owe them $179.91. I asked to speak to a supervisor, getting the old they will call you back in 24-48 hours routine. When I told the guy this is a scam, he said he would not dignify that with a response and hung up!
    I will never receive my $100 refund, so they essentially stole it. And despite all the e-mails and the return receipt as proof on my end, there's nothing I can do when I'm dealing with scammers.
    I notified the FTC about this and I advise all others who have been cheated by them to do the same. In numbers, perhaps we will have a chance? I'm also going on every site that I can and voicing my experience in hopes it may help save another person from being scammed.

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      8th of Jan, 2014

    I saw the NoNo commercial and went onto the website. Began filling out the information, did NOT complete order. Decided to do a search on computer about the companies reputation and found a lot of complaints. I was relieved that I dodged a bullet. The next thing I know I get one in the mail. I had a bad experience canceling with another company "Meaningful Beauty" and do not want to go thru it again. I really want to file a lawsuit! Cindi

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      20th of Dec, 2014

    SOMEONE needs to start a class action!! I too started to "purchase" Then found the I deleted all my credit card info and backed out of their site and closed browser...the next thing I know I get an email with the "FREE" gift card thanking me for my purchase. I immediately called NO NO, spoke to EDITH in Southern California (so she said) and CANCELLED the order that I never authorized. She informed me once I put the credit card info into the site, I don't have to ENTER it to be charged, it's considered a purchase BEFORE THEY even tell you the price. I informed her that was NOT legal and she needed to stop this fraudulent order immediately. She claimed to have cancelled the order, guess I'll find out in a month...but I have notified my credit card company about the fraud and disputed the initial charge. THIS IS BAAADDD COMPANY. Stay away! If they have to dup yu into a purchase...HOW GOOD IS THE PRODUCT? All the "good" reviews are probably the company is certainly full of fraud. ANY CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS OUT THERE?? HERE IS A CASE!!!

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