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NEWSMAX MAGAZINE charged me under an automatic renewal in which I never authorized. I advised them via their website but never got an acknowledgement. A dispute also went to my credit card company, but Newsmax claimed that they have no record of cancelling. So I put in another dispute to the credit card company. It still has not been resolved.

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  • Do
      Feb 11, 2012

    Automatic renewal is a way to take your money without asking. I do not use people that do this because they often are not honest.

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  • Ma
      Feb 11, 2012

    never dooo a loan on the internet.

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  • Ma
      Feb 11, 2012

    think twice befored, doing a loan on the internet.

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  • Cs
      Feb 13, 2012

    As part of the Newsmax customer service team, I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue. We take these types of situations seriously.

    In addition to the disclosures made at the time of the offer, Newsmax Media makes additional disclosures:

    1. With the delivery of the discounted product, we send a large written notice reminding purchasers they accepted the premium product with their agreement to allow for automatic check or credit deduction at the end of the subscription term if they did not cancel.

    2. 45 days prior to the automatic deduction, Newsmax Media’s subscription Fulfillment Company, a nationally recognized firm, sends a notice by mail to all subscribers, reminding them their subscription is up for renewal. The customer has the option to cancel.

    3. On the credit card statement used for the automatic deduction, the company includes an 800 number for consumers to call if they wish to dispute the deduction. The company policy is to give a full and prompt refund to customers who dispute the deduction.

    In all cases, the company policy is that the customer can cancel at any time for a full refund. If you would, please call [protected] [Monday through Friday 9 am to 10 pm ET]. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to resolve this issue to your satisfaction, and strongly encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience so we may do so.
    Additionally, the company conforms to all Federal Trade Commission rules, and does not disclose the financial data of its customers to any third party. We make it a priority to treat all customers fairly and in a timely manner. Thank You

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  • An
      Jul 10, 2015

    Newsmax is still continuing with this shady automatic renewal practice.
    While I did a trial membership over three years ago, and canceled it. I noticed that I was renewed for another newsletter that I didn't order every year since then.
    So, check your credit card statements closely if you do the same as I did..

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