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Nitrotek / Remote control car

1 Stockport England Greater Manchester, United Kingdom Review updated:
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This is a hideous company to deal with, as other have said on many many review forums, avoid this company at all costs.

When something goes wrong they don't want to know, send you bs excuses to get out of there problems.

Bought a remote control car within 1 hour it had 4 failures, i asked for a full refund, they did not want to know until they had inspected it, it took 40 emails and 2 months to inspect it!!!

Then then blamed me for the failures!!!

They refused to refund me, lying about the condition of the car, and how long i had it for, before sending back.

I had to go through paypal to get a refund, and threaten small claims court, i will also be reporting them to trading standards.

If they wont give you your money back go through paypal, and trading standards.

Horrendous company, read the awful reviews


Aug 18, 2016
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  • Ni
      20th of Sep, 2018
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    As many others have said AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID this company.

    Once you've placed an order you are DONE FOR if there is any problem with it. The only people that it is possible to TALK to are the Sales Team who will take your money - once you've passed that point then you're into a nightmare Customer Disservice HellHole, where they (claim they) don't even have a phone in the Service Department so EVERYTHING has to be done - at their glacial and disrespectful pace - through an online "Service" system.

    They PROMISED me (via their "Service Desk" - which I repeat is ALL done on some weird dodgy online portal, with "No Exceptions" as they will delight in telling you - that a part I wanted to buy was the correct part for my model. I checked several times to make sure, and they confirmed (taking 48 hours to reply each time, ) in an increasingly sneering fashion until I finally felt confident that it was OK to place the order.

    Guess what - when it arrived it was the wrong part. They had just plain lied on the details of what the part was, so I asked for a return shipment label... No chance. I had to "post it back so our Engineers can inspect it..." at my own cost, even though they were clearly in breach of the contract and it was their job to pay for the return.

    Dozens of emails later (EVERY reply takes at least 48 hours - although I'm not surprised because their service is so APPALLING that they must be snowed under with complaints every day) I finally managed to get a refund of the original order, but I'm now waiting YET AGAIN for them to confirm they will be refunding the extra return postage which they are legally obliged to do. It's now been another three days delay, yet again, and I've heard nothing.

    As others have said, I will now be following this up through trading standards as a matter of principle. But this has taken HOURS of my time, and a huge amount of aggravation and stress, and it's STILL not resolved.

    I am starting to wonder if they're run / owned by one of those weird cult-type religious groups, (there are a surprising number of them about - lots of them in the Safety and Office Equipment industries) who treat anyone who isn't of the same faith with suspicion and total disdain. I can genuinely think of no other reason why they'd behave in such an extraordinary fashion, with no scruples or morals, absolutely no idea of what even basic Customer Service looks like, and a total disregard for contract law in the UK.

    I wouldn't believe this review, if I read it myself online. I'd think it was so outlandish that I'd assume it was a competitor just trying to slag them off... but if you want to check the Service thing, just try calling the only number on their website - 0161 883 0054 - and ask to speak to someone in Customer Service.

    Try asking for a Manager, or an owner, or just ANYONE who can help - and then you'll see exactly why you should NEVER put your money or order at risk with these ghastly people.

    If I could mark them as "Minus 100 Stars" I would do so without hesitation.

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