NicksBuilding.comDouble Door

A Crown Point, IN

Three months ago I bought a double door from this company and I explained the new door will replace a old door the sales man John asked for the dimensions of the existent door which I provided after remove the molding I major the existent door “Single door with two sides lights”. He told me that the door is a standard door but since I am replace a single door by a double door, the new door must be customized on width. I agree to pay the extra to customize it. Also before I do the deal I asked about the complained find on this site, he explained that was a old complained and since then they modified the process of construction and the new doors have no complains and they are 100% warranty. When I got the door, the installer check the dimensions of the pre hung door was short on width 1 and 3/8 inchs and on high 7/8 inch. When I call complaining he told me that I must speak with Jacky and also told me to send an email with the difference in dimensions which I email photos with the tape major and the differences to [protected] also I email to [protected] . when I call Jacky he told me that the dimensions was wrong and they all the times give a gap of 1/2 inch to install the door I complain that the dimensions ware correct and the gap was more than ½ inch. But the nightmare does not end here two months later when the summer storms with heavy rain hit the door, I could not believe what I was seeing, water was dripping inside through the panels immediate I call and again John told me to take photos and email them which I did also Jacky call me asking for photos from the front of the house which I email to him, then in telephone call he told me the door was not finish correctly, the door was not protected against storms since I do not have a covered porches and many other excuses. No warranty was provided. I was naïf to believing on sales person. Now I have to spend thousands of dollars to cover my house porches. Whoever reading and plan to buy from them be advised they are a company with no standard or any regards to the costumers, and anything they sale is garbage.

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