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I have entered the University in Dec 2014 at Master Degree. They asked me to pay 1 950 $ and I began to study. I have passed only 3 courses and after that the telephone didn't answer and the website didn't work.
In approximately 1.5 year (in October 2016) they have appeared and offered me the Fast Track. It means that I should pass only one Final Exam and then I can get the diploma. I have passed the exam but they told if I want to get the diploma I must pay 1450$ or 950$.
1450$ - if i want my diploma recognized worldwide, 950$ - if i want my diploma recognized only in several countries.
I refused to pay and then they told me that I can pay only 450 $.

So, it is the fake university, they are frauds.
I really want to punish them.

Nov 3, 2016
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  • Ph
      9th of Feb, 2018

    I paid 7500$ for nothing. So, it is the fake university, they are frauds

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  • Aa
      25th of Dec, 2018

    They are 100% Fake, I'm very disappointed about their fake promised. My advice to all, don't make mistake to deal with them.

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  • Sh
      8th of Feb, 2019

    hi there, i have completed my bachelors of education through them, and they have told me that i have to pay 2150 us dollars in order to get my NOC that the UAE requires. i have received a call from the state audit institution of UAE informing me that i have to get this NOC in 48hrs. can anyone recommend anything for me to do or check out? as i am not sure if this is real or a scam just to get more money.

    thank you

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  • Sa
      20th of Mar, 2019

    In 2014 they contacted me and offered scholarship. I said I need to think about it and they said to pay 200USD to hold the scholarship. I paid USD 200. and then after few days I asked to cancel it. But I still received all documentation with my name from the university. They advised that it has been cancelled.
    Now 2019 they contacted me and asked to pay 2500 dollars for cancellation of the scholarship. As I did not cancel it with US government. I refused to pay. They told me it will go to court. I said let it go to court. Do not respond to their calls.

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