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Miami florida, United States
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i deal with a lady name M..., i told her i needed my cars from orlando FL to MO, she told me that the cars were going to be pick up on tuesday but were not going to be deliver by the following tuesday, a week later. I told this lady that i needed the cars to be deliver by saturday or sunday. She call me later i told me that she spoke to the company and they wanted $200 more in orden to do so, witch i accepted. i asked to for the driver"s number and they gave it to me. I call the driver and he explained the whole situation> his company runs tuesdays and saturdays trips to the midwest, M... called his company and requested to pick the cars up tuesday, knowing that they would leave until saturday, so his company did pick the cars up on tuesday and left them on the truck, until the day that they departed. i contacted the company in Orlando and they very well told me that they didn't charge me the extra $200 as M... had tell me, and M... very knew that the saturday was the original day of their departure to MO, and not on tuesday as she had promise
I told M... that i was doing the shipment of the cars as a favor to a costumer of mine, and i could lose to client if the cars were late(after saturday) so she just not lie to me about the $200 extra for "early" delivery, but the fact that she contacted the company to pick up the cars and leave them on the truck to make us think that the cars where on the their way and potentially loosing my client is disgusting
This was about 3 weeks ago and my client hasn't even responded my calls or text...So if you are looking for a quality service or honest, you should look somewhere else

Apr 18, 2015

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