Nevada State Bank / ILLEGAL NSF FEE

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Made a deposit April 3rd @ 2:39 pm that was not credited till April 4th which caused an overdraft..Even thought the bank was aware of their mistake and assured me I would not pay any charges they still charged me a $32 NSF fee on the 5th.

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      19th of Mar, 2013

    YES. Finally someone who experienced what I have been thru several times. Let's say that you notice that your account is going to be overdraft because of checks that are on the way. So you deposit cash, enough to cover, but also more to make sure. Then you spend something else with your debit (gas or groceries), making sure that you stay in the limits of your deposit.. ... The next day, you look at your account and find out that they charged you overdraft fee(s). How is that possible? Here is the secret...They actually take your overdrawn balance, apply all your debits, yes the ones that you did AFTER covering with CASH the overdraft, they apply a fee for each OD, and only then they credit you with the deposits... That's how they do it. And if you complain, since you are a "small bait" for them, their obnoxious and arrogant manager tells you that it's the way itis, it's the way the system works... S>C>A>M.

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      31st of Jul, 2013

    Ok so two days ago I checked my account knowing it was low. It showed me transactions in process I should have made a copy but didn't. It said the available balance was fine. The next day I check and I am overdrawn 12.00 and it shows the transaction had happened the day before the 29th, should have made a copy but didn't, and a 32.00 overdraft fee was already there. So I read the fee schedule and it says,
    Insufficient Funds Fee
    Insufficient Funds fee (applies to check, in-person, ATM, or other electronic withdrawals where there are insufficient funds on deposit to cover the item. The fee is assessed the day after the item is posted to the account)

    Per item, up to five items per day $32.00
    Sustained overdraft (per day, beginning on day 5) $8.00
    so I get paid Friday and the fee has already gone out so I think I will just let the direct deposit take care of it on Friday. Today it is showing the original over draft was yesterday and I could have taken care of it with out a fee and now guess what there is another 32. coming out.

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