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I won the mix & match game in march 2007 from indiana hoosier lottery, for 5000, 00 dollars I call netspend got the rounting information. And put it on the forum around 6 months later I got a text message on my phone that said the, money had been deposit to my account. But I am looking for the money now and am told they can not find it. How wrong is this I was told the charge card can be us has a bank account.In the bank when money is deposited it should still be there no matter how long it takes you to get it. With the 5 year period.

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      Nov 02, 2011

    We apologize that your deposit was not applied to your account. Unfortunately, accounts may become inactive after a period of time which can prevent the deposit from posting.

    Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We would like to opportunity to assist you. Please contact us via email or call customer service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).

    Thank you,
    NetSpend Corporation

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      Mar 12, 2018

    @TravV I am very sorry I am just now seeing this reply years later. Now my name is Veronica Bowers and the money was deposited into my netspend account. And on the very night was deposited into my account. I was online working it was September 18, 2007 around 12:45 am. Once I got the message I stop working on what I was doing, went online to my netspend account to make sure the money was there. It was in my account so I decide to open up a saving account online and I did. I transfer half the 3854.13 that was the deposited that was put in my account. To my new saving account, and it show up into my savings account. Now here it is 03/12/2018 I have never gotten the money from these accounts. The deposited was in account with the last 4 numbers on my card ending 1010. and I have not been able to recover the savings account information off of my computer as of yet. But I have done everything I could to get my money. I loss my job and been with out a income from 2009 until 2013 and still only work part making 11 dollars a hour. I need my money, I call myself doing the right thing and that was putting money away for when I would need it well I have been needing it for more then a decade now Please Please give me my money Please I need it you can email me at [protected] or call me at 773-441-3960

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  •   Feb 25, 2013

    So what happened did they replace your money or say they couldn't do anything about now that it was to late to do anything about it now. What was the problem to much time had passed before you tried to get the money off the net spend card. Should I trust putting money on this card or what? I'm waiting right now for my taxes to be put on this card. I hope I didn't make a mistake by trusting this card to use for my income tax purpose. I would like to use this card and put money on it regularly but if it's not trust worthy then what's the point. Now I don't know what to do put money on it or what? I will be very pissed off if I don't get my taxes because I chose to use this card as method of payment. I mean wouldn't you?

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