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Nespresso / rude manager - doncaster shoppingtown / victoria

1 Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

Hello, I need to bring to your attention a matter I am most upset about.
On Thursday 28th December around 4pm I walked into the Nespresso store in Doncaster Shoppingtown to make a purchase.
I was patiently waiting in a que for at least 15 minutes.
The girl serving me was Belinda and I understand she is the manager.
She began to ask me information regarding my membership.
I expressed to her how I find the Nespresso membership a waist of time and how I feel it's not worth it. I feel it's rather false rewarding as the customer always has to spend before he or she receives anything.
She began to give me the most boring lecture about the benefits.
I said to her "look, I don't agree so lets just get on with the purchase..."
She then quite rudely and arrogantly said "next time someone here is explaining something to you I suggest you listen and don't interrupt".
It is not her place to dictate ANYTHING to me.
I told her I was not interested in the membership lecture and that she was full of 'attitude'.
Then another staff member (Chinese girl) started saying to me "you should listen when someone is explaining".
I asked "who are you??".
She shouted "I am a human!"
Belinda then began threatening to call security and told me "if i didn't like it I didn't have to come back!"
I repeated "you're full of attitude".
And stated I would be leaving on my own free will.
I am disgusted, appalled and shocked at this 'power tripping' behavior from your manager.
I have made countless purchases and have always been treated with dignity and respect.
Your staff members have no right to dictate anything to me.
Your manager attempted to abuse her 'power' over the most trivial matter.
I would like a senior manager to investigate and get back to me.
Thank you.
Mark Tonelli.

Dec 27, 2017

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