NeotelI thought telkom were bad, however this lot are even worse

I upgraded my contract for the start of september to the prime product. This is supposed to be a high speed internet service, however in the last few days it has been slower than dial-up! Yesterday I phoned them and told them that for 3 days I could not even download my email (Only 11 mb) because the service was too slow. They told me they would look into it. Hey presto, it speeded up within about 30 mins.

However, since yesterday afternoon I have not been able to connect to the internet at all. Even my phone service is dead - even though the signal seems to be ok on the handset. I am still waiting for neotel to phone me back. I have spoken to them 5 times now, and they just fob me off and do nothing. I basically do not have any service at all. They don't care. It has been almost a day without any service.In my opinion, this is close to fraud, because as far as I can see, my computer and phone are not working because they are prevented from doing so by neotel themselves.

I thought telkom were bad, however this lot are even worse!


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