Nelson Design GroupFalse Floor Plan Designers, Copy Other Designers Work

Nelson Design Group copies other floor plan designers work.. i bought a floor plan from them when i lived in arkansas back in 2013 and the contractor that i used told me that he built that exact same house from a different floor plan company that was a competitor to Nelson Design Group, and that the other floor plan company made that floor plan way before Nelson Design Group had it in their hands.

Nelson Design Group had that same floor plan as their competitor that they did placed no work into, and tripled the price.. now really, why would you want to use a false floor plan company that swears they are the actual designers when they steal other floor plan designers work?

Things are not just adding up, Nelson Design Group get your things together, stop stealing peoples work and do your own for once and stop scamming the good people..

Jan 27, 2015

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