Nelnetplacing my account on forbearance without my permission

I was 30 days late for my student loan payment. It just so happened that Hurricane Matthew had affected my area and the state of NC declared a state of emergency. I made my payment, and when I checked my balance a few days later, I noticed it didn't go down. I got an email later on from Nelnet saying because of the disaster, I could do natural disaster forebearance which is something I didn't want to do because 1)I made the payment already, 2)I didn't want to pay the extra interest.

I contacted Nelnet, and they had automatically enrolled me in the natural disaster forebearance without my permission. As a result, the payment I made, all went to interest. I had to get them to remove my enrollment from natural disaster forebearance and I had to make 2 monthly payments in December, one for the regular payment for that month, and then the one from the prior month.

Jan 27, 2017

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