Ndot TechnologiesTaximobility, Tagmytaxi

Ndot Technology AKA Taximobility, Tagmytaxi is company based in india, i had the misfortune of dealing with this company, i went into a project with this company, i run a small taxi company in United Kingdom and i ordared a taxi hailing app, their taximobility app, we agreed on a price and specification of my app and paid $6000 deposit.
thats when problems started, the app they delivered was a complete waist of time and when i tried to get it sorted, the demand for more money started. bassically you deal with this company at your own peril, before the purchase they will promise everything you want but once you have paid, thats when the problems start, they will try to milk you for more money and come up with a whole lot of excuses and demand more money.
they never delivered what they promised and now i am $6000 out of pocket.
do not deal with this with company, they will rob you and leave you thousands of dollers worse off.
if you need any more information you can get back to me,
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Apr 19, 2016

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