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Nationwide Relocation Services / False advertising, pathetic customer service!

1 United States Review updated:

1) False advertising. The “competing bids” I received turned out to be between Omar and Ryan who both work for the same company.

2) Nice salesman who stopped communication once he got his fee. He underestimated the weight of my move by 1/3. He lied to me saying that he had control over the move dates - turned out he was 7 days wrong.

3) The move they brokered, through Alliance Movers, has cost me thousands in theft, lost items and completely destroyed furniture. This continues to be unresolved.

4) Pathetic customer service. I was offered $125 to hold them not liable for anything, and to not complain. If you use this services, get used to hearing “It’s not our fault”.

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  • Cy
      11th of Feb, 2007
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    I contracted over the internet with (also know as Nationwide Relocation) - Alec Plosky (888) 219-7171 Ext. 208

    The moving company was supposed to pack my entire house (dishes, utilities, clothes, etc…) in boxes and then move my items to Dallas on 8/6/2006 and 8/7/2006.

    On 8/6/2006 I called Mr. Alec Plosky (3) three times throughout the day 8am, 12noon, and 4pm no answer.

    On 8/7/2006, I called Mr. Alec Plosky around 8am and exclaimed that the movers have not shown up and therefore have not packed the house. I again made Mr. Plosky aware that I had to drive to Dallas for my new job and items had to be moved 8/6/2006 or 8/7/2006. Mr. Plosky said that he get back to me and assured me that the movers would be there that day to pack my house and move my items. The movers did not show, I called Mr. Polsky at 4pm and he did not return my call.

    I left Springfield and drove to Dallas on 8/8/2006; I called Mr. Polsky again on 8/8/2006 (he did not answer) I left a message stating the movers never came and I was on my way to Dallas and he needed to refund my credit card. I called again on 8/9/2006 and 8/10/2006 and asked for my credit card to be refunded again, I left a message. No answer and no return phone call.

    Nationwide Relocation (the broker) charged $1,553.45 on my credit card and did not pick-up my furniture. The Mover Countrywide Movers is not charging me or Nationwide Relocation; in fact they apologized for not communicating to me that they would not be able to move me on 8/6/2007 or 8/7/2007.

    Again, Nationwide Relocation will not refund my $1,553.45.

    As a broker, they did not communicate that the mover would not be able to move me on the contracted dates. In addition, the mover did not move my furniture. Nationwide should not be allowed to keep my deposit of $1,553.45.

    The person to address legal action:
    Mr. Aldo Disorbo
    Nationwide Relocation Services
    6245 Powerline Road Suite # 202
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • Ka
      2nd of Mar, 2007
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    I had a similar experience with Nationwide Relocation Services; I hired them but, as the mover they had brokered did not show up on the agreed-upon date, I decided to cancel my move. What a nightmare! The man who had initially contracted the move with me now refused to return my calls (he had been most eager to do so BEFORE I gave him my credit card number!). Those to whom I did speak at NRS refused to accept responsibility, saying it wast the movers' fault; the movers refused to accept responsibility, saying that NRS should have contacted me to broker another mover because they (the mover) had informed NRS in advance of the delay; this arguing went on for days. Eventually I was fortunately able to have my deposit refunded by NRS and completely cancelled service with them.

    An important lesson I learned in all of the above is DO NOT USE BROKERS! They are a rip-off and a scam, and you have NO legal recourse if they screw you over. Contract with a mover DIRECTLY, make sure you can visit their facility and see their trucks yourself, get references if possible, call local realtors for advice, see if they are accredited members of trade organizations or movers' associations, check out their DOT standing here


    and their BBB standing, make sure they are insured, make sure they have been in business for at least ten years (young companies often start up, make some money by scamming poor innocents, then shut down), make sure they come to your house and do an in-person estimate of how much your move will cost (NRS did an on-the-phone estimate, which means they can very easily underestimate the cost and reel you by giving you a low price) - do your research and never, ever trust a moving broker. Be willing to spend extra money for a good mover; if a price sounds too good to be true, it most likely is, and your final cost will probably be MUCH more expensive. But by that time your goods will be packed on the truck and the movers may refuse to give them back to you until you've paid! It takes a lot of work and research, but it is worth it to save you from all the hassle and headache!

  • Ti
      15th of Mar, 2007
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    Look up Aldo Disorbo's criminal history... he was banned from the moving Biz in the late 90's.

  • Ha
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    This company needs to be shut down! Our nightmare began on 8/13/07. My roommate spoke to Nicholas Lyles, 1-888-219-7171 x253. Everything that came out of this guys mouth was a lie! We were given an estimate based on 3,000 pounds and were told if it weighs less than that, the price would be adjusted down. Of course, we found out later that there is a 3,ooo pound minimum. We were told they would pick up our stuff on 8/31 or 9/1. They called on the morning of 8/30 and said they were on their way. We told them we are not ready so they agreed to come the next day. Our delivery date we were told would be 9/4 or 9/5. My roommate had to start work on 9/6. They had a delivery window of 9/4 to 9/14. My roommate questioned this and was told that's just in case there is a hurricane or some other disaster. Sounded reasonable to us. After much run around with their non-existant customer service we got a call from the driver on 9/14 saying he was on the way and would deliver on 9/16. Of course, in the fine print they do not guarantee any dates. The driver asked if there was heavy stuff cause he was alone. We told him there was heavy stuff or we would have moved it ourselves. What moving company would send one person? He finally showed up on 9/16 with 2 homeless people to help him. He had the biggest 18 wheeler there is and could not fit in our parking lot, so he charged an additional $150.00, like this was our fault. My roommate went to write him a credit card check and was told it must be cash or a money order or wired. This was never disclosed to us. He would not unload a thing until his boss received the funds. It cost my roommate another hundred for the wire transfer, because it was Sunday and not much is open here on Sundays. Throughout the 16 days we were waiting for our stuff NRS customer service would call from time to time to see if we received our stuff or heard from the movers. When we told them know, they would say we will get back to you, but never did. To add insult to injury, the homeless guys said to my roommate, we hope you are going to tip well, we know where you live. Comforting, huh? It was a night mare from beginning to end and I urge people to not use this company.

  • Ra
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    A most horrible experience ! NationwideRelocation Service sucks ....plainand simple ! My boyfriend contracted them (who he was told through the conversations on the phone htat they were movers and mentioned nothing of being brokers) I was a little leary and asked to speak with them myself while he had them on the line and was informend by their not rep ,when I inquired where are you located ? and was told Ft Lauderdale FL -I then asked so where are your trucks -he then responded by saying "oh we have them near your location in VA "-I then felt like they may be okay -they then told my boyfriend he needed to give them a deposit -almost $800 which I then thought was a ridiculous anount to give anyone for having not received any service yet whatsoever but they convinced him it was standard procedure -never once did they reveal tjhey were moving brokers not a moving company themselves . So a s time approached for our scheduled move a rep from Nationwide relocation called my boyfriend a few days prior to our move date which was to be 9/10/07. to confirm the move -then the night before he received another call saying all was well -so on the day of the move we get a call from what sounded like the voice of an Arabic speking individual who could barely speak the English landuage who then informed us he was the guy with the moving truck and that he was broke down a state away from us and had no idea how long it was going to take to have his truck repaired -well here we are even had a relative flown in from out od state to assist our move and were being left out in the cold -My boyfriend called the Nationwide Relocation office and was rudely informed by a supervisor there that they could do nothing about it -it went back and forth and finally they said they wpould get back with the mover -the mover called again and said he was on his way and would be ther but that it would be late -after 8pm -who the hell ever heard of starting to move at 8pm at night from an apartment complex no less htat has rules and regulations about such things ! Needless to say they never showed up and to date my boyfriend has not received his deposit refund and probably never will .NEVER and I emphatically repeat NEVER deal with this company -they are clearly organized criminal activity at its' best -check other website blogs with what seem to be hundreds of others being taken advantage of -take a little time to read up on some of the charges the alleged owner of this company ,a Mr Aldo Disorbo ,has already been up on in Florida ...he is obviously operating a scam but so fashioned that he and his people will trap you faster than youncan turn around and only to find out that their so-called contract covers their butts ! ### that they are .I only wish enough people would unite together to form at least a class action suit against this jerk and his company and have them put out of business once and for all . We were lucky they never showed up -we ended up having to move ourselves and are to say the least exhausted from the whole fiasco -but we got to our destination with our belongings which unfortunately from what I have read is not the case for some who have ended up letting their things go with whatver bunch of idoits show up to move them that Disorbo's gang has contracted -they are all "fly-by-night" thieves -AVOID THEM AT ALL COST ! DON't TRUST THEM AT ALL !

  • No
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    Once upon a time, I USED to work for Aldo disorbo-and his goon, Milton Campis. Super crooks, the both of them. We used to have daily meeting reminding us to NOT to tell ANYONE that Aldo is associated with the business (as at the time-he'd just come from jail,and was NOT allowed to work in the moving business).

    And, would encourage every estimator to "under quote", in order to make the sale. Obviously, its ALL commission oriented, with PLENTY of bonuses for top producer. The objective was NEVER to be helpful, or stick to a policy, or to be honest and fair. The single goal was to get the credit card and bill it. This, by far, was the absolute worst company Ive ever worked for. I was fired for missing work on my birthday(although permission was granted by the owner), and was not paid my final check, which
    was roughly $1200.00.

    In my time there, I would see estimators take customer forms, sign them themselves and then submit it as "signed" by the customer, in order to get paid bonuses. Milton Campis, as witnessed by numerous estimators(including myself) was a serious drug addict, and addicted to steroids. This is not a slander, but fact-and this guy was irresponsible enough to brag and showoff these facts to other estimators (as well as bring many "samples" to work).

    Avoid this company at all costs, as they are truly offspring of the devil, and will RUIN your life if you decide to ship with them. Why the F.B.I. has done nothing is beyond me.

  • Na
      25th of Nov, 2007
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    Rick Daly provided an unconfirmed estimate to move 5000lbs from Flagstaff to AZ. He confirmed the additional price for insurance and that Nationwide only works with the top five moving companies including Shamrock etc. After an incredible amount of miscommunication I was told that Sirena moving an outfit of a wife, husband and cousin would be handling my move. The movers arrive and talks about how drunk he was the night before - how he told his wife that she should call us and say that the truck broke down because they are hung over. He wants to know what we drink - he says we should go get drunk in Phoenix with him. He said, “Things in Kosovo are done differently,” and he had a friend in the moving business who’s client didn't pay him for the load and he said - “I ask my friend why didn't you just kill him." I'm told they will deliver the following Wednesday. By Friday when I'm flying to Seattle to help my mom move they have not arrived. They don't arrive until the following Wednesday over a week after promised. They threaten to not deliver if I don't pay cash even though the contract with Nationwide says that Cashiers Check is accepted. They threaten to not deliver. They demand more money once they do deliver. Because of all of this I'm out 1500 in travel costs and hotel costs (they never arrived) and in lost street permits (they never arrived day after day.) Nationwide forced the relationship with these persons and did not advocate on our behalf to reel in these conmen.

  • Bi
      30th of Jan, 2008
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  • Ab
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    Total ripoff. Contracted for $500 then the day before the move insised on another $950.00 or they would not show up. Mover was good and paid them directly. Mover would have deadheaded back without me. Nationwide is ### for a phone call.

  • Jo
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    We contracted with Nationwide to move my son from Maryland to Iowa for grad school. Scott Smith was more than willing to take our money and schedule a move, constantly reassuring us that our admittedly small window of moving availability was no problem. The trouble started when our moving date was put off from Monday, July 28, then to the 29th. We then heard from the movers themselves telling us they would be there on the afternoon of the 30th. When my husband asked the mover which day of the weekend of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of August they would arrive in Iowa, the driver actually laughed out loud on the phone and said he would be in Iowa sometime between 7 and 12 days. At that point, we tried to contact Scott Smith on the phone directly to no avail, going through customer service and then through Josh Wiley in Quality Assurance. In the meantime, we knew we had to cancel the move immediately in order to get my son to Iowa in time by some other means and to be in the 24 hour window of cancellation in order to not be charged for the entire move. We did cancel and late on the day of the 29th Scott Smith did return our call. He initially denied he ever made reassurances to us that the move would happen that weekend. Eventually he did concede that he "might" have said that but that the contract clearly states a 7-12 day window so therefore we would not get our $850.00 down payment back. During all this, we received a call from the moving dispatcher, screaming at us for canceling. Hilariously, the same day, we also received a call from Nationwide asking if we'd like to apply the $850.00 deposit to a future move. Really??? Can they be serious? In the end, we rented a Penske truck at the last minute and moved my son ourselves. We are currently disputing the down payment through our credit card, writing letters to the Attorneys General in Maryland and Florida and have written a complaint letter to Nationwide to be delivered by certified mail. To add final insult to injury, when I called customer service today, 8/07/08, to get a name to whom I might address my complaint letter, the customer service rep initially only gave me an address. When I persisted in asking for a name she said to address it to "Management". When I persisted further, she put me on hold, came back and very, very reluctantly gave me the name of "Sarah Sanford". When I asked her why she was so resistant she started raising her voice, saying she wasn't resistant, she gave me the info I needed, etc. I wonder if she looked up my number on caller ID, traced it on her computer, saw that we had canceled a move and was being cagey about giving me an actual person's name. In fact, I have no idea, at this moment, if the name she gave me isn't a fabrication. I only wish I had looked on a forum such as this before contracting with Nationwide. They are a group of crooks, liars and thieves. Please, please be aware!!!

  • Th
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Contact: Kristin Schrader, Tel.: (202) 366-9999 or
    (202) 366-2309

    Consumers can help identify noncompliant household goods movers by calling FMCSA's nationwide complaint hotline,
    1-888-368-7238 (1-888 DOT-SAFT) or by visiting Prior to selecting a household goods carrier, consumers should also visit FMCSA’s for information on planning a successful move and to search movers and their complaint history.

    For a list of companies cited during the strike force, see

    The strike force targeted states that received the most complaints in the National Household Goods Consumer Complaint database (

    Household Goods Complaint Disclaimer:

    Fines for violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are set by Federal statute. Examples of the violations discovered include: holding shippers' household goods hostage, operating without proper legal authority, failing to follow tariff requirements, failing to provide shipper information, and failing to keep proper records:

    I had to deal with this very issue during May 2008. We paid in full for a move, the 'brokered' mover showed up in a Penske truck. Friends stayed in our home during this ordeal.

    The driver showed up with a man who claimed to be a hitch hiker, and was intoxicated.

    When the driver arrived at our new home, he had another worker with him, who told us he was from Mexico and was given $150.00 to help the driver unload the Penske truck.

    Needless to day, our items did not arrive in the *an*lines truck that we were told was going to be picking up and delivering our household items.

    File a complaint, when the fines hit these brokers and moving companies in their pockets, maybe, just maybe they'll get the picture.

  • Ju
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    Nationwide Relocators - Employee Move
    Nationwide Relocators
    6245 Powerline Rd.
    Ft. Lauderdale
    United States
    Phone: 888-219-7171

    These people are brokers only and hire cheap men with trucks to move you. Trucks are broken down and they break things. Our truck came from MTL Transportation from Phoenix Arizona. The phone number on their website is no longer in service but the drivers were able to reach the owner with no problem. They spoke no english so we didn't know what they were saying. Their scam is they underestimate your load in the beginning to save you money so they can take it over the scales and give you overweight charges from .44 cents a pound to .70 cents. According to the two men that moved a new employee for our company, this is common and the way Nationwide Relocators make their money. Horrible to work with. Lie, cheat. We were charged an additional $1000 after we signed our paperwork. I don't have enough room to indicate here all the horrible things we endured by this company. We are forwarding our information and photos of all details of the move to our attorney. To add insult to injury after the move was complete and they had their money we receive their "How to move" packet in the mail.


  • Ce
      5th of Mar, 2011
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    To: Representatives of Nationwide
    RE: Statement of Greivance for Moving Services

    This is a statement of greivance detailing my experience with Nationwide and the brokered services I received on Friday, February 11th, in regards to the damages I incured on my personal belongings and missing furniture from the organization completing practice that was not agreed to for move from Seattle, WA to Las Vegas, NV.

    The movers arrived with my belongings on February 11th, 2011 to my home in North Las Vegas, NV. I was phoned by the lead driver/mover and was told to meet him and my moving truck at a weight station in a nearby city, about an hour away. Frustrated with the distance and time, I phoned my representative at Nationwide, and was informed that there was indeed a local weigh station almost 4 miles away from home. I don't know why it was so difficult for the movers to consider this location, however, the movers were informed and met me at the weigh station in North Las Vegas. I met them at the weigh station, and directed them to my home, where they met me.

    The movers began to unload boxes and furniture into my house, and I noticed that several of my items and boxes were severely damaged. I was livid! I understand that in the moving process, things get broken here and there- but this was absolutely excessive, and truly unacceptable. It was obvious to me that care was not taken when packing/shipping my things, especially boxes labeled "fragile", etc. I began taking photos of the damage on my camera phone, and the driver of the truck approached me in a confrontational manner. I grew very uncomfortable when he raised his voice at me, claiming that "if i continued to take pictures, something bad will happen to me, and the consequences will not go well with me" and statements like, "if you keep taking pictures, you're not going to like what you get", etc. I was very uncomfortable, and literally felt threatened and afraid for my life. I went to my kitchen immediately, and phoned Phyllis, my Nationwide Representative, who instructed me to take action immediately and phone the police. I considered this option, but rationalized that if I phoned the Police, my belongings would be even more damaged, and I didn't want the unloaded truck to flee. I phoned Phyllis again, and she grew very concerned, and had Nationwide phone both the movers on the dispatch, and eventually the driver was phoned, and he calmed down considerably.

    From there, the movers stated that we need to reweigh my belongings. I arrived at the weigh station, and was confused to as to why the movers took 30 minutes longer to arrive at the station, when the weigh station is literally 4 miles from my home, and there wasn't any signs of traffic, etc. I can only guess what exactly they did, because when the new weight was established, it was significantly higher than the original weight of when my things were packed by movers in Seattle, Washington in December. I was very upset because it was off-the-wall, and was dramatically larger than what was documented almost 2 months ago. One of the movers informed me that the Budget Truck that packed my belongings in December for the move was switched to the truck that brought my belongings to Las Vegas. I don't understand why my belongings were transferred to another truck, when it was agreed that my belongings would remain in that truck to deter any possible damage. Why did this happen? And how many times were belongings moved/transferred to truck to truck.

    Now I am in a frustrating position. I have several damaged items of furniture, broken dishes, broken paintings that hold monetary and sentimental value (antique and collector's items). Several of my dishes and artifacts are from other countries and age old, and are now destroyed because of this. I know it was because of the movers transferring my belongings to another truck before arriving to Las Vegas, and this upsets me as this decision was outside of my agreement of services with Nationwide. I also used Ferguson boxes for extra protection of my belongings, a company that has a contract with Nationwide, and the movers in Seattle handled my things gently and packed my belongings correctly.

    What also aggrevates me is the fact that my chaise lounge is not in my belongings and never arrived to Las Vegas, but it was confirmed with the movers in Seattle that it was indeed packed. This was brand new furniture, that I invested a lot of money in, and I don't know where it is! Why is this happening? I am very frustrated with this situation! It is missing, however it is listed on the Manifest sheet a "couch", and item # 7, on the Bill of Laden. In thinking about this, I have to note that the movers that arrived to Las Vegas refused to give me a copy of the Bill of Laden when I asked them repeatedly.

    I just don't understand how I could incur so much damage to my belongings and have furniture missing! This is not acceptable.

    All in all, I would like to be compensated for my damages and missing piece of furniture. I am very disappointed. I specifically chose Nationwide because I thought I could trust them. I did not know that they would broker the move to workers who don't care about other people's belongings, clients at that. I could've honestly chosen any other organization to work with, but chose Nationwide because my representative was honest, caring, possessed integrity, and showed an excellent level of customer service that I greatly appreciated. I have personal friends who are looking to move across the country and seeking moving companies for their belongings, but at this point, I frankly would not recommend Nationwide's services or their brokered services. I don't want to be ripped of by moving companies like so many others have been. I hope that Nationwide stands behind their name and tagline of customer service.

    Thank You

  • Ma
      22nd of May, 2012
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    Nationwide Relocation Services - Stay away from these guys
    Nationwide Relocation Services
    United States

    Movers arrived at our home without enough room in the truck and attached trailer to load our possessions due to overloading two prior pickups. Calls to Nationwide offered no help. Movers left us with a considerable amount of our possessions. After renting a UHaul and packing it ourselves with what would fit, we were forced to leave many of our furnishings behind, including a wicker set, bistro set, kitchen set, vacuum, several indoor and outdoor chairs, yard ornaments, a hutch, bicycles and more. After filing a complaint with the moving company in September of 2011, we still have not received any satisfaction or even response, even though I have consistently been in contact with the claims department with documentation. We value our loss at approximately $4900.00.

  • Na
      24th of May, 2012
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    Nationwide Relocation Services regrets to hear of your dissatisfaction with our moving services. We wish we could change such an unpleasant experience. With the information you provided, we were unable to locate your move with us. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, if you are indeed a customer we would like to speak with you to address your issues. You may contact our office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible as we always like to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. Please call and provide your name and job ID # so we can better assist you with your issues. Call us at 1-888-219-7171.

    Thank you.


    Nationwide Relocation Services

  • Na
      19th of Jun, 2012
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    The United States Senate is currently investigating Nationwide Relocation Services (

    Unfortunately none of their idiot customer service ###s is capable of saying anything useful beyond "We regret any inconvenience blah blah blah blah blah, " so continue spreading the word, and file a complaint with the USDOT (

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