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Nationwide Home Warranty / Unpaid Claim, Poor Customer Service, Rip Off Because Policy Will Not Cover Me

P. O. Box 341New York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-500-2110
I am disgusted with the way I have been treated. I purchased Nationwide's Full Protection Plan only to get no protection. They asked for maintenance records on my AC unit. I explained to them that these documents should have been requested at the time of my purchasing the contract, which was purchased before I closed on my home. I have submitted the invoice showing when the unit was installed and I have no other documents available or means to obtain any other documents. The stated that the invoice was insufficient and that the claim was still denied. I want my money back because this policy can not be used. I don't have maintenance records for any item in my home. The company should be closed due to fraudulent business practices. I don't understand how a company can take our hard earned dollars and deceive us with false security.


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  3rd of Sep, 2008
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First claim I had with them they never sent out a contractor. Had to get it fixed myself. Second claim was the problem with needing service records for a dishwasher. The manufacturer does not have any maintenance procedure for the dishwasher. This company is a complete scam and a waste of money
  5th of Oct, 2008
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Hooume owner insurence is losey too, when it comes to a claim. They bully you try to dehumanize y0u.They are so unprofessional.I think there scoe of practice is to try and give you a heart attack or stroke.You hav a fire thieft, vandel claim and they do everything in thier power to hummiliate and blame you even if you wrent there. I am filing with the gov., insurence commissioner, BBB, housing rights, and consummer affairs dept. we need a class action against bad faith practice with nationwide. Nation wide is not on your side ever.
  14th of Oct, 2008
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After waiting 6 WEEKS to have my dryer's heating unit and ac unit upstairs repaired and giving these *a*s*swipes my money $600, they have the GALL to tell me that my dryer was repaired and paid for and that they are DONE with my claim on that, and that my ac claim is DENIED, even though ive faxed them maintenance records for 4 years, as recent as last year, stating that my system was in running order, I asked the smart ### beotch on the phone if I could speak with someone who made the decision to deny my claim so that they could explain it to me, or at the very least send a letter stating why it was denied ...well this cow had me so ANGRY last night that i nearly had an asthma attack because I asked her to send me a copy of ANYTHING wherein I signed off stating that I had work performed on my dryer??? This heffa hung up in my face and they wouldnt answer the phones again when I tried calling back they just left me ON HOLD! So, today, I call the contractor that they initially sent to my home who made the decision regarding both appliances, and I asked him outright had he made the claim that my dryer was repaired and that he had been paid, to which he replied ...Ma'am I never did such a thing because your dryer has not been repaired and that ill send someone to your home (his guy has been on vacation for a week). And that he would have him call me ...that was at 7:45 this morning and IM STILL WAITING!!!

These people are CRAZY if they think that they can just get away with this, im contacting my georgia consumer affairs office as well as filing complaints with the bbb for both ny AND ga! 2 months is INSANE to wait for service and to not even be bothered with a call from these greedy mongrels is OUT OF CONTROL and im sure as hell not sitting for this!!! This is the SECOND New York company who has STOLEN my money, back in February I renewed my home warranty with another company and within 30 days they were out of business, and the only way that I found out, was through my local news!!!

When I contacted my credit card company to get my money back, I was told that it was "too late" grrrrrrrrrrr WHO LETS THESE PEOPLE GET AWAY FOR SO LONG, RAPING consumers?
  28th of Oct, 2008
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I had just bought my policy with Nation Wide just last month on the 17 of September 08. Before i bought my policy i had asked a few questions regarding what would be replacable and repairable to them. I was told everything in the policy but never once did the man who sold me the policy tell me that if there was rust or corrosion that they wouldnt approve a claim. I did not recieve my so called policy until after my 3 days was over in the mail. I was not told that i could go to there website and read the ploicy because i never purchased my policy online i did it via phone. Well my Central AC unit went down, so i filed a claim. They sent a tech. down to see what was wrong with the unit and come to find out it needed to get replaced. The tech told me he told them that it was old and it need to get replaced, the compressor was bad. They were told that the claim was not approved by the warranty, so then i called the Nation WIde up to see what was going on and they told me that they cant repair anything that had rust or corrosion, but in there policy it doesnt state that AC units was not covered due to rust or corrosion. I then started reading my policy word for word and only a few paragraphs stated that and it was Plumbing, Electricity and Improper Installation/Previous Repairs. I then brought that up to the head supervisor incharge and she told me it states it in paragraph 9.1.2 which is Improper Installation/Previous Repairs. I told her that it doesnt state that for AC units, it states it for the paragraph 9.1.2. I asked her for my refund back and she told me that i cant get a refund back, my claim wont get approved and i cant cancel my policy with them. I told her why not and she told me that i had 3 days after i bought my policy to cancel. I was like 3 days, i didnt know nothing about 3 days, she then tells me that i recieved my policy through email and i told her no i didnt. I said mail doesnt take 3 days to get any where unless you send it through priority mail. I told her i didnt get the documents in a timely manner in order for me to have a chance to cancel my policy. I said do you think i would have spent all that money on a policy that basically worth nothing if you wont repair anything. She tells me regardless its to late. I then tell the lady that they lied and cheated me out of my money because whats the sense of having a home warranty when im not going to be covered for anything. I called the tech. again and asked him again what did you tell the warranty people and he told me that it needed to get replaced and that it was old, i told him that, thats not what there telling me, there telling me that it is rusted and there is corrosion. Nation Wide made a false claim in order for them to not approve me. So bottom line is if you did not cancel your policy within those 3 days you are stuck with basically no policy. What i did though was go and report them to the BBB because of false documents, and to get my refund back.

Please visit the BBB online @ http://www.bbb.com, if you would like to report this company. They are located in New York so you will have to get to there location in order to file the claim.
  25th of Nov, 2008
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This company is a ripoff. They have given me the run around. They recently referred a technician for a heater problem. This technician's company had no idea of who Nationwide was. Stay away!!
  9th of Dec, 2008
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They deny every claim. They make up reasons to deny. Their reasoning is ridiculous. They request maintenance records on items you just purchase with the home. They expect you to contact the previous owners to asked how they maintained the items. They won't return phone calls, you cannot get a corporation number, you cannot speak to a supervisor and will not give the address to the corporation in NY. I am filing a complaint with the BBB, along with atty generals in AZ and NY, along with corporation commission and every website I can post a complaint on. I have the time and I will do it.
  9th of Dec, 2008
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FRAUD AT IT'S BEST! The BBB, along with atty generals, needs to stop ignoring these home warranty companies and do their jobs. I have a problem with Nationwide Home Warranty, however, it looks like all home warranty companies have numerous complaints regarding denying claims for rediculous reason.



  2nd of Jan, 2009
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this is them, when you call they will indeed dehumanize y0u, make you think and feel as everything was your fault and that you do not understand...They are so unprofessional, they will put you on hold for ever just to ignore you and make your life terrible, or simply they do not have people working there... it is all about being smart in stealing your money
  2nd of Jan, 2009
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Nationwide Home Warranty
Posted: 2008-10-31 by Michael Williams [send email]

BBB, Attny. General of Greater NY, NY State Insurance Board Info.

Complaint Rating:
Company information:
Nationwide Home Warranty Insurance
P.O. Box 341 Zip 10013
New York, New York
United States
Phone: 888-500-2110

If anyone, beside myself, has had problems getting Nationwide Home Warranty to pay/settle claims on things covered under your contract, it's worth while in contacting the following to register complaints against them. The more complaints they get, the better. They are the least professional group I have ever dealt with and are dishonest in their practices.

New York State Department of Insurance: 212-480-6400
address to send complaint: CSB
New York State Insurance Dept.
25 Beaver St.
New York, NY 10004
In your complaint, list your name, Policy #, copies of any and all documentation and if you have names of people you talked to, time of call, etc... include in complaint.

New York State Attorney General: (Consumer Fraud Dept)
You need to request a written complaint form to be sent to you.

File a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office in the State you purchased the policy. You can obtain this information on the internet.

Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York
Web address: http://www.newyork.bbb.org
There will be a link to fill out a complaint about a business.

This all takes time, but the more dissatisfied customers report their fradulent practices, the better.
  2nd of Jan, 2009
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I have been scammed by them as well. I saw a charge on my credit card and called them to find out who they are. I spoke to someone at the customer service and he said I ordered it on the web. But I did not. He refused to give me a refund so I asked for the owner John he was a rude jerk and said to bad you do not get a refund sorry about your luck. He threatened me. They took out about 389.00 out of my checking account one day and tried another amount 2 days later. My bank refused it and did a inverstigation. I contacted the FBI, BBB, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Insurance Commision and my attorney. I also cancled my credit card so they can't try to take anymore money out. If JOhns owns the company then he needs to go to school on how to run a business. Some people skills would not hurt either. I want to get a class action law suit against them so if anyone is interested email me simba@fuse.net. The FBI and the NYPD told me when a company charges your credit card and is supose to provide a service and they don't that is crdit card fraud and can be prosecuted. SO please contact everyone I mentioned above and make your complaints known. I would like to hear from as many of you as possible so I can get all the informatin to myh attorney and get this started.

PS also notify all of the realestate companies in your area and warn them not to use them as thier home warranty company

Stay away from NAtionwide Home Warranty.
  4th of Jan, 2009
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yes, they charged my credit card and i never signed on anything, they are very good in tricking you without knowing... i also had to cancel my credit card because they will continue stealing, , , , i think this company is running out of business and they are trying to steal as much as possible then declare bankruptcy... stay away from them and write about their crdit card fraud so they can be prosecuted.
  7th of Jan, 2009
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I was also scammed by these crooks. I did not sign up for thier service nor do I want it. I saw a $389.00 charge on my credit card and called them and asked what it was. I said no I did not sign up refund my money and cancel it. He said no I asked for the owner or manager he said John is the owner and put me through to him. Well he was a real jerk not what ou would call a good business man. He said to bad we are keeping your money and you did sign up and I will take you to court if you try to get your money back. So I contacted my credit card company to dispute it and cancle my card but before I cancled it he charged me another charge of a different amount $399.00. What a scam. We disputed them both and I am now closing my checking account out so he can't get any money at all. I contacted my attorney and he will take care of them. I also did all of the complaints to all authorities. STAY AWAY from NATONWIDE HOME WARRANTY. If anyone want to go with me and do a class action law suit email me and we can start one and put them out of business. simba@fuse.net
  21st of Jan, 2009
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I got my so-called warranty from NationWide back in June 2008. My evaporator coil in my blower went out this past October--they would not pay a cent... My water heater went out in December--they would not pay a cent... Now I am having issues with a leaking pipe--I am not counting on them for anything. They have been horrible, horrible!!!

  13th of Feb, 2009
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Nationwide is a SCAM--Stay away. I'm trying to take them thru arbitration but they refused NUMEROUS times to give me physical address which is required to file in small claims court. Well i found one and urge anyone who has been defrauded by them to act. they need to be stopped. they tried to tell me that i was a liar and the only one that is complaining-- they have a less than 1% complaint rating--who are they kidding. Please take the time to file with the attorney general's office and BBB. If you live near NYC, file in small claims court, it takes time and $15. the court walks you thru the filing and court case (so i've heard) no lawyer necessary in small claims
1864 E. 9th st
Brooklyn, NY 11223
  16th of Mar, 2009
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I am so ANGRY!! Finally filed a claim with them on my refrigerator and Nationwide says that they will not repair/replace my refrigerator unless I send them "MAINTAINENCE" reports. I told them nobody pays for a professional to come out and take the temperature on your refrigerator. So, if you haven't paid for professionals to come "maintain" all your applicance they aren't covered.

It is not really a company but a bunch of con artists. Not only are they refusing to repair my refrigerator they told me that I am under a one year contract (you have to cancel with 3 days).

I will have my bank stop payment immediately.

I will be contacting the Attorney General ofr Alabama as well as the BBB.

I told the representative that I didn't know how she slept at night working for a company like this.

THey take your money and you trust that you are covered. You make a claim and they REFUSE TO COVER IT unless you have maintainence reports on the applicance. So it would cost about $1200 or more a year to maintain ALL your appliances. If they are bit maintained, they are NOT COVERED so this is a USELESS policy and actually a SCAM!!
  3rd of May, 2009
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NATIONWIDE is this the kind of service you continue to give your customers. I HAVE SEVERAL HEALTH ISSUE AND I HAVE BEEN WAITING THREE DAYS FOR A CALL. I have allowed you people to take money out of my account and the two times that I use you, I get the run around. I have called in several times only to be told that I have to sign a contract with you before I canget service. You people are taking money out of my bank account that should be more than enough contract.
Date Status Summary
05/03/09 12:32 PM Unapproved
05/02/09 08:04 PM Unapproved
05/01/09 10:09 PM Unapproved A/C, Cooling
05/01/09 10:09 PM Unapproved A/C, Cooling
07/12/08 06:04 PM Unapproved
  8th of Jul, 2009
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This is EXACTLY what happened to me with this company NATIONWIDE HOME WARRANTY... I have had this policy for almost a year and pay EVERY MONTH. NOW, my Central AC just broke down and needs a new "motherboard?". They told the contractor, THE ONE THEY SENT TO MY HOME, that they need all past maintenance records. WHAT!!!? I have never had the thing fixed until now!!! WHAT MAINTENANCE RECORDS?????????????
  4th of Aug, 2009
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This company is awful. It is a complete waste of time and I am going to try to find a way to get to thier corporate office. Maybe we can get a TV channel to do a spot on them. They have zero customer service. They sent out a company to fix my A/C and when he called to get authorization no one answered for over an hour. He proceeded to fix the unit, due to a child having health issues and then was told the claim wouldn't be accepted because he didn't get authorization. I called and they told me they wanted maintenance records..ect.. They know no one has these records it is just there was of taking peoples money and being cheap.. Hopefully what goes around comes around and they will get a lawsuit.. Someone needs to make them accountable for thier actions immediately!
  18th of Aug, 2009
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Signed up with nationwide for service contract on appliances and a/c heating. Signed up in June 2009. A/c problem occurred in late July. Had A/c inspected in April 2009 and all was well. Unit was less than 5 years old. Condenser problem occurred. Nationwide failed to cover even though unit working and they did not inspect which right they had under the contract. Nationwide asked for doumentation of maintenance which I provided the April 2009 A/c routine check and service. They failed to cover making excuse that I needed documentation of maintenance for each year. When they took over service it was working and they failed to inspect if they had an issue. The company is a scam.
  20th of Aug, 2009
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Rejected our claim for invalid reasons. Very unresponsive service.

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