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I purchased their home warranty with an additional option for a second refrigerator. I opened a claim with them over a month ago to repair this refrigerator. I was finally able to get someone to come out by threatening to cancel my warranty. The technician evaluated the refrigerator and found that the condenser was bad. At that point you have to call in and have the claim approved. My claim was denied because I couldn't provide any maintenance records. I asked what maintenance records would be required for a four year old refrigerator and I wasn't given a clear answer (probably since there isn't one). So not only am out the full cost of this repair I also had to pay the technician the $60 deductible. Save your money and much more importantly your time and never do business with this company.

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  • Je
      Sep 26, 2008

    Natinonwide Home Warranty is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They take your money and refuse to pay for legitamate claims.

    They demand maintenance records for appliances that do not require periodic or preventive maintenance then deny your claim when you can't produce something that should not exist. If by some chance you had a repair done then they will deny your claim because of a prior repair that they claim voids thier obligation. Either way they refuse to pay your claim. What a scam. You will be sorry if you buy insurance from them. It is simply giving your money away.

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  • Ro
      Oct 16, 2008

    Nationwide home warranty is a complete rip off. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. We had our sump pump go out completely. The sent someone out, we paid the $60 deductible, and he informed Nationwide that return valve was put on backwards. First of all this was after 5+ years of no problems at all with the sump pump. It didnt go out because the return valve was put on wrong, it went out because the motor died. So this claim was denied for a $5 piece of plastic. They probably had the tech lie about it any way so he gets his money and they dont have to spend any.
    Now our washer went out and we called the claim in on the 4th of October. A tech came out on the 7th. They informed Nationwide of the repairs needed, even possibly just replacing the washer. Now 9 days later still nothing. I spoke w/ a so called manager on the 14th and she said that it was in billing. I called today and spoke to a different manager and she said it was in billing. I advised that I want a refund on my warranty and was told that cant be done. I asked to speak to the billing dept. and that cant be done.
    Nationwide is nothing but a crooked, piece of garbage company. Do not waste your money on them. I realize that this text wont get me anywhere, but if someone reads this and changes their mind about buying their warranty, then I will feel better about this. I hope that the company goes under, the bigwigs go to jail for fraud and they all get back threefold for what they do to honest consumers.

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  • Jb
      Nov 25, 2008

    I am in total agreement with the above complaints. We all have the exact same experince with this company. My furnace stopped working and I was asked to provide records to determine if yearly maintenance had been completed. I then have to wait an additional six days before a decision would be determined. The represenatives as well as managers are rude and unprofessional. I can't belive their lack of concern when you call them for a claim. The represenatives speak to you as if you have done something wrong by having a crisis at home. I firmly believe the customers deserve better service and a more supportive claims department. My interactions with the service department has been the worst experience and we are paying for this abuse. I, too will be contacting the BBB to alert all parties concerned how underhanded this company operates. I did not expect this type of poor service when I signed up with the represenative (con artist) who was very personable. It is wrong and cheating the customers when we already have a crisis at home. This company makes the situation worse!

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  • Sa
      Jan 02, 2009

    yes, agree...

    this is the company you need to stay far away from, or otherwise, you will just be burning your money... stay away from
    it is terrible, they steal everything you have and make you feel stupid

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  • Ju
      Feb 21, 2009

    They decided to go ahead and just charge our credit card to renew our contract, although the contract stated otherwise (only if we paid month to month could they renew). When my husband called to inquire as to why this happened, the customer service rep was very rude and stated that in the contract they were allowed to do that. To his husband had to talk over her and read the contract to her and told her where he was reading from. At that point, she finally looked something up and stopped arguing with him. Then she told him he had to call back because no one from billing was there.

    My husband called several other times and spoke with the billing department and was told over and over that it would be refunded within 7-14 days, and then the last couple times within 48 hours. It has been over a month since the first promise to refund our money. We have actually had to contact our credit card company and tell them of the fraudulent charges, and are trying to have this resolved by going through them. We will never trust them again!

    I have read many other complaints of this same type of thing.

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  • Ma
      Mar 15, 2009

    i agree 100% had fire and theift ahome and they (nationwide) had done everything under the sun to acuse me of arrson:not to my face but in so many word.I gave them everything they needed from taxes, bank records, to flight info., to hotel infr, to all personal info. They even called my job, lies have been made up to make me look like the bad person.and still have proven nothing just messed up my reputation.There should be a law against this .The law enforcment is not even doing all this.Im constant intouch with them because my home is still being vandalized.So I had to get a lawyer befor they denied my claim. This has been a night mare.Plus im handicape.Im going to file punity damages against them

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