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My mortgage was recently sold to Nationstar 11/1/2010 and I am already having problems. Since it has been sold to Nationstar I have receive 3 separate documents stating how much I am currently 'past due'... each document states a different amount. And when I call I get yet another amount. Document printed on 11/11 states $4062.40. Document printen 11/12 states $2458.12. Document printed on 11/13 $2559.76. Really??? so which one is it... NONE! I signed onto a forbearance plan with Citimortgage in July. In July I would pay $648 and in August I would pay $648, then Sept- Oct-Nov I would pay $1036 and finally in December I am to pay $2974 to bring my loan current. When I call Nationstar and explain they say yeah we see you are in a forebearance plan but you havent made a payment since August and "if you pay 'such and such' right now then you'll only owe blah blah blah. They are just trying to get money from me that I DON'T OWE! So I what am I to do now????

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      Nov 20, 2010

    Wow! I am going threw the exact same thing. I was never ever late threw citimortgage and just got my first letter Nov 18 2010. saying my loan needed paid for November in the ammount of 2500.00 really I have never been late ever. I was like has to be a mistake so called they were very rude and said it was late as of the 17th.. wth .. I never even knew where to send the payment till I got the address.. Now I have the 51.00 onto the 2500.00 to pay? my loan is only 991.00 a month.So where the heck is the 2500 coming from??
    She said if Igave her my bank info I could pay right now and they would wave the late fee.. Ha Ha I said yeah well I'll pay on your site i'm not giving u my account info over the phone!! She then said well u can't pay This month online just Dec.. She said u will still be a month behind either way..
    I said u guys Ihave never heard of I never signed a paper or anything and now your changing my loan ammount. This isn't right!!! She then said well anything else I can help with?? I said yeah why do I owe that much?? She said go to our website and hung up on me...
    There has to be something we can do?? I am going to try and refinance threw another company but I am not going to send another payment to them!!! Whats the point they will just keep it and say u owe more..I am going all the way with this!! I am not going to let them force me out of my home.. Its the Holidays! They have not heard the last of me..

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      Sep 13, 2013

    I was with Washington Mutual years back when it was bought out by another mortgage company then it when to Nationstar so I have been dealing with them for awhile. I recently refinanced for a lower rate which really helped my situation through Loan Deport who was evidently handling the refinance for Nationstar . Now Nationstart is handling my loan at the present. My major complaint is the monthly payment is due on the first of every month with a grace period until the 17th. I keep getting letters that indicate I am pass due because I usually pay around the 12th or 13th because my retirement check does not arrive until the 10th or 11th of the month and when it arrives I promptly pay the mortgage. I have never been late in all the years I have dealt with this company and never been charged a late fee. These letter is probably automatically populate if the payment is not received on the first of every month. I have tried calling and there is NO voice prompt to reach a service assistant, so that is why I am writing this complaint . Nationstar save the paper and me the aggravation every month of you telling me I am past due and when I call the payment has been received and next months is due. NOT PAST DUE!

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