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Good morning russell,
I am not happy with the service that i have received from you or your company at all. I have left repeated messages on your voice mail, and have talked with your company several times regarding this matter of being charged your property insurance rate. Your company states that you record every conversation. Why don't you have your company do a little work here (Yes, it's called research) and go back to january conversations that i had with your loan modification department. You will then learn that i did exactly what your loan department said to do. Make my monthly payment, and everything would be taken out of this payment for the house payment, homeowners insurance, and taxes (Escrow costs). Again for your informatin- i followed through on my end by what your representative said, "get homeowners insurance, i did, verify was sent, i did, then verify it was received by the nation star insurance department, i did". It just amazes me that if your company representative tells a customer something that your company does not stand behind what your company represenative say to its customers. Then you pull some crap off some line somewhere in the loan modification or your insurance contract in the fine print that contradicts what your company represenative says to it's customer. I'm not a lawyer, nor want to be. Nor do i think i should have to be to have to read every line of every sentence in a loan modification or your company homeowners insurance policies & requirements. As a customer, i ask the questions, get the answers, and i did what i was told by your company represenative!!

When i have called you, i don't get a response back. When i talk to your company, they have been rude and not helpful at all. Every time i call, i get a different answer or response to this issue, depending who happens to pick up the phone at your company and talks with me. So where is a customer to go if every time a customer calls your company and gets a different answer?? It's definitely not you, as you don't return calls. It's not about the $1, 200.00 you are charging me for not having the homeowners insurance (As your company states). I did what your representative said. It's about the integrity of your company (That's you-nationstar mortgage) having your representatives making false statements to customer, and we are stuck paying for your misrepresentation of information.

So where does the money go if i'm making my monthly payments and you're not paying for my homeowners insurance? I sure have not gotten an answer from your company on this. I have asked them many times.

I am forwarding this information onto the better business bureau as a black mark against nation star. You leave me no choice in this matter. I am also filing a formal complaint with your company. I am sure nation star doesn't really care, and i won't get a response, as you have proven this to me. Also, i will let all my business friends know about the shady service that nation star represents.

I'm just a small guy in the big picture. But i do know business. I was a district manager and vice president in the sporting goods retail world for 22 years. Now i'm just a commercial electricity manager working in 16 states. So yes, i do know about business integrity, and doing the right thing for my customers. This is something that nation star mortgage has no idea about, and does not care.

Don thomas
2027 bishop hill
Frisco, texas 75034
[protected] cell

-----original message-----
From: russell.[protected] [mailto:russell.[protected]]
Sent: monday, october 12, 2009 1:52 pm
To: don thomas
Subject: homeowner's insurance lapse in coverage

Mr. Thomas,

I apologize for not being able to reach you by phone. It may be easiest to
Communicate with you via email regarding your question with your recent
Loan modification and insurance lapse in coverage. The communication we
Have received from the nationstar corporate office is that according to the
Terms of your loan modification, referred to as a cap modification, it is
And was required that you maintain your homeowner's insurance until the
Loan modification was processed completely. The loan's escrow conversion
For homeowner's insurance was not completed until june of 2009. At that
Time, several attempts were made to contact your agent for current policy
Information but were unsuccessful. We did finally receive policy
Information from your carrier in august of 2009 at which time, we updated
And paid the remaining balance due on the policy. According to the terms
Of your modification, the charges for the lapse in insurance coverage were
Your responsibility.

Unfortunately, these charges will remain on your account.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and have a great day,

Russ randall
Insurance processing / customer service
Nationstar mortgage, llc.
[protected] (Office)
[protected] (Fax)

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  • Pa
      Apr 26, 2008
    Homeowners Insurance - State farm is criminal
    PO BOX 3199
    United States
    Phone: 7072548499

    We had a fire at our home over two years ago. State farm is our insurance carrier. They absolutely have treated us in such a way that you would think is criminal. They set us up with rip off cleaning crews that have stolen and lied to us. They are all in 'bed' together, from the adjuster to the general contractor they 'suggested' we hire. After one year, the contractor finally got started on rebuilding our house! Then after two years, state farm was cutting us off from our rent supplement and telling us our deadline was up to be repaid for replacing lost personal items. . . Yet: they had not paid us back for the items we had submitted to them on their claim forms a year prior!... We had to pay over $350, 000 out of our own pockets to get the construction going. Now, the house is almost done, my savings are drained, our adjuster is non responsive and down right abusive when he does finally return a call or letter. Someone needs to know how state farm treats people. We have been abused so badly, I could write a novel. But, the main thing is that everyone needs to know that state farm is horrible... They should be punished. It is so unfair. If a judge could hear our story, I know he would side with us. The public needs to know our story.

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  • Ki
      Nov 12, 2009
    Nationstar - Mortgages
    Nationstar Mortgage
    United States

    Our mortgage was sold to Nationstar by GMAC mortgage and that is the worst thing that ever happened. Times are hard for everyone right now and those idiots make it worse. I paid our mortgage payment online or over the phone evr since they got our loan. They charge so much to do that and now since they don't credit it when they automatically take it out of our account, they are slapping $50 late charges on us. They are doing the same thing to my mom and dad that got stuck with them too after GMAC sold out. They say the "grace period" is at their decrection and that if the payment is 1 day late they can nail you with those charges for each day which is ###. My husband lost his job and I got hurt at work and have some workman's comp coming in but they won't work with me and keeps sending dum ### notices about that bail out ### that would make us lose our house anyway. This is crazy and we don't know what to do now since it seems like we can't get a new loan by someone else to get the hell away from Nation SUCKS!!!

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  • Jo
      Aug 09, 2011
    Nationstar Mortgage - Horrible company
    Nationstar motage
    United States

    About a year ago my mortage was sold to Nationstar. This has got to be the worst, most unprofessional company I have ever delt with. Our payment is due on the first, if they do not have a day or two prior they are calling my home phone, my cell phone, my wifes cell phone, all hours of the day and night. Sometimes 9 and 10 at night wanting there money. Its like dealing with the Mafia. They will not work with you on anything. I have, or should I say had an 800 plus credit score and never had any issues with any other loan carrier, I fell behind about 2 weeks and was told that my credit history does not matter with them, I have no credit because I am a new client. I did not ask to be sold to Nationstar. As much as I dont like Citibank I would love to be back with them. Do not deal with these people. You would be better off doing without.

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  • Jp
      Sep 02, 2011
    Nationstar - Dallas - very bad experience
    United States

    Our load was sold be SunTrust to Nationstar, although SunTrust wasnt that great Nationstar is worse. We got one payment behind a few years ago when we were with SunTrust, they basically told us to not pay on our account for 3 months and they would put us on a loan modifacation, what a nightmare it has been. They tacked on so many fees the loan went back to the orginal loan amount. They lost paper work, added ungodly fees to our loan for inspections that were no more then them coming by and taking pictures of the house which we phoned in to complain about because our kids are running around in the yard. Lost records of payments and such. We are damn neer ready to walk away and they can shove this house up there A$$...

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  • Me
      Sep 17, 2011
    Nationstar Mortgage - account manager
    United States

    I' ve been trying to get my mortgage modify through the HAMP program since Decemeber 2010 with nationstar mortgage. I had to send the same application about 9 times. Everytime i sent it they aid they haven't recieved it now since june everything seems to come togather i started making my three trail payments. Successfully i sent two with no problem. I sent the 3rd month with my paper work to ensure that the loan has been modify. Now they claim they haven't recieved it, and trying to get me to do it within the company inhouse finance with them but they still haven't found my payment which was with my final documents. Some one please investigate these people because ain't no if, ands, nor uts this company poses a red flag

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  • 1s
      Sep 21, 2011

    There is a mortgage expert that was in the mortgage servicing industry for about 20 years and is now consulting with homeowners through his own business Wyatt Consulting Services. His name is Chris Wyatt. He can review your information and provide you with guidance to assist you with your mortgage company. He can be reached via email at [protected]

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  • Na
      Dec 12, 2011

    I could not agree with you more! You definitely summarized NationStar very well when you said they DON'T CARE. I have yet to have a manager/supervisor call me back. I have never dealt with a company as unprofessional as NationStar. And the general attitude of most of the representitives is the same: CONDESCENDING! I feel for you and I really hope you got refinanced with someone who will at the very least act like they care. Good luck!

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  • No
      Aug 24, 2012
    Nationstar / Hamp Program - Waist of time - Not helping Seniors in need of this program
    Nationstar Mortgage
    1162 Carmel Circle # 130 Casselberry fl 32707
    United States
    Phone: 407-701-3080

    Frustrating, my mother has applied for the loan modification program since Feb, 2012. All the information has been provided but the first time they denied and said they never received the full package with the info! We have confirmation of Fax, that were sent.

    1.Second time around send all the info, and received denial on August 8, that she did not meet the HAMP Guidelines.
    What do you need?
    2.Apartment worth less than Mortgage
    3.current 6.25% mortgage
    4.We have to provided money for food and medicines and clothing and part of the mortgage and maintenance. Because Medicare and pension are not enough to survive. My father died 6 years ago and that income is not there!
    5.The maintenance on the condo has doubled $ since they purchase the unit!

    Is there some kind of help, maybe reducing the rate to current rate 2.0- 3.0%? with no closing costs for seniors!!!

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  • Cb
      Jul 17, 2017

    Oh where to start. My home owners policy was bought by Nation star Oct 2016. My home owners insurance policy was due for payment Nov 16, 2016. They NEVER paid it, and my insurance was cancelled. I was not notified of this matter until Feb 2017 when I received a letter from Nation star that I had no hazard insurance. I called and spoke to Aaron, he stated that they did not pay the bill because there was not a receipt to send in with the payment. Just that they received that it was due. They are to LAZY to pick up the phone and do there job and request what information that they needed, so instead just said "Hey we just wont pay it". So now I was instructed to find new insurance, which was not cheap because I had went past 6 weeks with out it. My originally policy was $1039 my new policy is $1749. I was told by Arron that they would pay the difference and all that would come out of my escrow is $1039. Well guess what, that was false the full amount came out of my escrow. So I called Arron back he said he would escalate to get this resolved and get me a refund issued. June 2017 my mortgage was sold again to Round Rock, because of the screw up on Nation star end my mortgage went up. I have called Nation star every week for months now and the incompetent employees just keep telling me they will get it escalated to the Research Dept. They state that there is no phone number for the Research Dept and that all they can do is email. Total crap!! Every dept will have someone that you can contact. I have reported them to the BBB and about to send them to small claims court. This has been going on since Nov 2016 and it is now July 2017. I just want the refund that is owed me from Nation Star!!! NEVER USE NATION STAR, IF YOUR MORTGAGE IS BOUGHT OUT BY THEM CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

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  • Le
      Jan 04, 2018

    My home insurance company asked me for Mr. Cooper's fax number and, if it is on your website, I couldn't find it. Why the big mystery? Other companies include easy-to-find fax numbers with their contact information. All I get is a customer service phone number and it does not show up in google searches. If there's a reason you deliberately exclude that information from your website and email notes, I'd like to know what it is. Yours truly, Lena Fried

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