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National Credit Solutions / Fraud and scam

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This week this company showed up on my clean credit report after we just moved into our 1st home. I spoke to a Oklahoma City process server and she told me that their office is comprised of a bunch of 20 something brats that are underpaid and basically told to lie, cheat and do what they can to scare consumers into paying.

Long story short, I have a claim suit for $5000 in place for them (already served court summons) to appear in Wyoming court to address 4 counts of FCRA and 4 counts of FDCPA violations along with collection badgering, refusal to validate, failure to furnish a dunning letter, illegal collection actions (cursing, threatening to garnish wages without a court order, and more...).

Capital Assistance Group is the internal company for BMG music INC that they are working with on a 2004 debt that is not mine. Funny thing is that Capital AG contacted me Friday very apologetic and said they were sending out a fraud affidavit for me to fill out and to get it closed and removed from my credit reports (after NCS was served...hmmm).

I told him that I would look over the emailed affidavit once sent and send it back if it was reasonable. No affidavit yet. I told him I am still pressing charges in claim court against NCS. They are scared and have to show up Feb 9th at 1:30pm in Wyoming to present their case. We're all set. We have a copy of the FCRA and FDCPA along with factual information in regards to this company to show the judge on a alleged $208 dollar debt.

Some of the violations are FCRA 623(a)(7), FCRA 623(a)(5), FDCPA section 809, etc... After we win this, we are pressing federal court charges up to $10, 000 against both companies each in federal court. We will use the money to pay any debts (pay of my car and some credit cards) to be fully debt free. So don't give up. We are about to nail them hard.

I will then will most likely make a trip to OK City to see the [censored]hole myself sometime. We both have the time and resources to bring NCS to its knees and we are working with my lovely parent's legal staff to bankrupt this highly corrupt company. They kept biting at consumer and bit one that HAS the time and dedication to see them ruined and push them out of their own front and back doors to poverty.

I am opening up a website dedicated to slamming bad collection companies. I will post this as soon as I can about this. Stay strong and never give in to wrong and unlawful companies..

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  • Ga
      20th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too have the same problem... I have recently ended my enlistement in the Marine Corps, found a very nice career in Michigan, but cannot get approved for a mortgage because a bogus debt from a National Recovery Agency was just posted on my credit report. I have never recieved any correspondence or phone calls regarding this, and am stuck indefinitely in NC until this is resolved.

    Apparently, the Original Creditor was Capital Assistance Group, BMG's own debt collection agency or something of the like. They have been giving me the run-around for weeks and only providing me the accounts address (which I have not lived at for 7 years) and my name.

    I hope this situation works in your favor, Justin. I just dont know where to start.

  • Co
      2nd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Take five minutes to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the unfair credit reporting and debt collection practices of of National Credit Solutions. You can file online at:

  • Li
      8th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If you file a compiant through the FTC or the BBB or the Attorney General National Credit Solutions will prob. respond to the organization with a validation letter.

    The best way to deal with the debt and to clear your credit is to either pay the debt( to the best of your abilities) or dispute the debt by proving PROOF that it is fraudulent or it is not yours.

    Filing a compliant is more suitable if you want to report any harrassment or an agency that has broken the law. A dispute should be filed if you feel the debt is not yours.

  • Ka
      17th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    When I pulled my credit report ncs had put a collection on my report too, for 47.00 dollars. When I called them they said that I had not fullfilled my contract with BMG back in 1994. this is 2010. that was 16 years ago. I do remember ordering books and fullfilling my agurement to purchase atleast 2 books at the full price, and I did.I then canceled. My question is how do I prove that I fullfilled my end of the contract when the bank that I was using back then is no longer around, so I can not go and ask for copies of bank statements or checks? Also why have I not recieved a single statement or a bill that I owe this 47.00. when I asked this question to the rep. all he kept saying is, " it is only 47.00 dollars Ms., , , and if you pay this today I will have it taken off your credit in 2 to 4 weeks at the most.And that I was lucky that it was only 47.00 because he is dealing with others in the same "BOAT" that owe in the hundreds. When I said that I felt that this was a scam he right away gave me his personal story how he went off to college and how his brother ordered dvd's and cd's and posed as him, and how he ended up with 200.00 or more that he owed the company too. CAN they legally go after people some 16 plus years later? That part is what stuns me the most and what else out there might crop up on my credit report from ncs years ahead just because the bill is only 47.00 or under. If anyone can answer my questions pleas help me for I am so worried about my future with this company and what they might try next with my credit report. To me they are bottom feeders. I am trying to buy a car, I have never owned a credit card in my life, I was taught if I needed anything I was to save for it and pay cash, and I have all my life, but they are making it harder and harder on people to do anything in life unless you have good credit, and because I have no credit history I am trying to establish some. The last thing I need is some company tagging my credit that I am trying so hard to get, AND I really want this new car.

  • Ri
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I guess im in the same boat unfortunately. A few months ago I had just a couple late medical bills I then paid off to keep my credit score high, but then last week me and my wife is looking to purchase another home and guess what? Yup! BMG Music with I believe there collecting buddy National Credit Solution popped out of no where, saying I have a past due account from 2 yrs ago. Ive never heard of these guys nor got any letters, products, billing statements, anything ect; Theyre attempting to fraudaully collect $185 from me and Id rather pay Thou$and$ to persue this through court just because of the principle of this issue. These so called big corrperate companies shouldnt be able to do this to innocent people whose just trying to get their future finacial situations situated. Its soooo sad that some of us are barely making it and we strive hard to keep up on issues like these ( our credit ) yet they just got to hit one key on their fraud system and yet it takes us several weeks to years to clean up their fraudulant act.

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