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I have ordered these over a month ago I ordered 10 and sent money off I have an email what states they have recieved my money yet I stil have not received it I have been scammed if any body knows the owners of this company please let me know there names so I can contact them as they have not replied to any of my emails. It was a lot of money I have sent so if I do not receive these cards with in the next week I will be forced to take this company to court

Aug 19, 2018
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  • Om
      Aug 19, 2018

    Good luck taking a company to court so you can buy fake ids.

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  • Va
      Aug 17, 2019

    Worst service ever!
    I sent €80 for 2 ids and gave 2 addresses, they were both the same but the postcode was mixed up and taken from a different address. Rather than then asking me which one to use they accused me of being the one in the wrong and asked for even more money, even though €40 for an id and this service was already way too much. I got very angry and someone called “ lisa “ was getting quite cross back. I asked for a refund many times as I seen the reviews and didn’t recieve my ids, I had been waiting on them for months and rather than them checking the address with me before they sent it they just accused me of making a mistake. Which was done by both of us! I sent them another €30 on bitcoin ( which cost me an extra €8 to buy them) and took the wallet address from somewhere on the website, can’t remember exactly where and they said they didn’t receive my money? Sent me a different bitcoin wallet address, my intentions were to send them the money however I believe they changed it so that I would send them more money again on their other bitcoin wallet.. I have lost over €150 on this horrible service and so so much time. They also had no way of proving proof that they do send and make these ids other than a picture that had no actual proof it looked like something a 5 year old child could’ve took.This is a complete utter spam and I do not recommend buying from here. Extremely unprofessional and do not know how to work with customers.

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