My Cash NowFradulent Activity

On July the 18th I recieved a very nasty call from a law firm based out of New York for a loan that was taken out in 2004 from My Cash Now. I am like several other unassuming customer of this company from a loan that I might have taken out in the amount of 300.00 back in 2009, I got a call from a collection agency stating that I owed this company and I made several payment arrangements to this collection company on mire unemployment funds. After my unemployment I had to stop making payments and they called and threating to take me to court and that I will be thrown in jail. So here it is 2 years later and they could not get a hold of me but they called my husband and told him that I need to a David Murdock at the phone number of [protected] where this supposedly lawyer was rude and not PROFESSIONAL AT ALL. I advised Mr. Murdock that I could not pay a full balance of 1, 2112.00 so he offered me a settle amount of 600.00. I advised him that I could not come with 600.00 today 7/18/2011 but I could come up with an arrangement, he then told me that I could offer 200.00 then he would get his client to back and I would not go to jail. I advised him again that I could not do that either, he then counter offer me that if I could come with the 200.00 by the end of July then he would think about the payment arrangement. No mind that I am laying up in bed with my back out and doped of full prescription drugs I advised that I still could not do that but he would let me see what my check would be then I would be more than happy to commit to something that I could pay and not put myself in a bind. That is when he kinda laughed and stated that I had to be joking and starting using ungodly and YES I did hang up in his face. So if you are there and be harrassed by this company who using these collections agencies to scare you know your rights and check on the website and for the record don't have a problem paying but I have to pay what is with in my budget.

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