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MVP Health Care


Terrible Service

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MVP Health Care
Schenectady, New York
United States
I have worked for several HMOs, but it was not until I worked at a hospital and got MVP coverage that I found something to dislike about managed care.

MVP is, frankly, the worst run health plan I have ever encountered. Their customer service reps are pretty bad. They are unable to do basic things like run authorizations for visits without there being a problem. They are also underinformed about their products. I would say that 50% of the information they've given me on a call turned out to be wrong. I've been transferred to three different people, each contradicting the last. My tip is to keep getting transferred until you find someone who will give you the truth. I've encountered a couple of these old-timers who will get the problem solved, and usually bash the other reps. It's not that the other reps want to mislead you. It's simply that they have no clue about the answers.

The MVP network is incredibly small. Even the very large hospital network near me balked at it. The providers who do take it are often very wary to process your claim. They almost always want to bill CIGNA instead of MVP because MVP has a reputation for stalling on claims. Providers also don't appreciate the run-around they get on simple questions when calling MVP. I saw a specialist once who was told that he was covered. I got an authorization from MVP and then they called the specialist to say that they screwed up and that my appointment wouldn't be covered. MVP never called me, so I showed up to the appointment and had to pay a $100 cancellation fee rather than the $400 out-of-pocket fee. The provider had never heard of a health plan cancelling an authorization after approving it. That also never happened at HMO worked at over the years. But that's MVP: incomprehensible.

The MVP online provider directory asks you for your Subscriber ID. If you punch it in, it says that you've entered an invalid number. The only option is to manually select your health plan, which has its own problems. My plan is called "PPO Preferred" on my card, but you have choices between MVP PPO Preferred and plain PPO Preferred. Well, it's on an MVP card, so which is it? I called up MVP and they told me that the online directory never actually accepts your subscriber ID (the feature is under development). But they keep it up there. So probably thousands of people type and retype their subscriber ID until they just give up. Solid.

The provider directory also has a tendency to return zero results on the first search. You might go, "What, no pulmonologists in New York City?" Just hit "refresh" a couple times on your browswer. Eventually the hamsters within the MVP web site will return some results for you. Make sure you call them to confirm coverage. Some of the people listed as providers have been dead for a couple years, others have moved, and others have decided to give up on taking MVP.

Also, don't get fooled by the CIGNA logo on your card. It does not cover behavioral health or optometrists. You're not crazy, right, so what''s the big deal? Well, if you have migraines, you'll likely get sent to see a psychiatrist at least once to rule a serotonin deficiency. If there's not an MVP provider (and there's few in their thin directory) near year, you'll be paying out-of-pocket. The same would go if your kid needed counseling or your spouse wanted you to go to marital counseling.
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A  8th of Aug, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I agree that MVP Health Care is a joke, especially it's so-called "depression care program." It's been like pulling teeth trying to get a new mental health referral and the social worker that helped me the first time around all of a sudden decided not to, now that the person she set me up with didn't work out. All my emails to her and MVP "member disservices" are being ignored.

With all my medical problems, I'm certain they think I'm costing them too much money and they're probably hoping that I'll give up and go away. Guess again!

If anyone out there knows of an attorney who would be willing to take my case, please post about it here. I would like to sue MVP Health Care asap. Thanks!
A  5th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
You're right about them not knowing their product. Everyone I would speak to would give me a different answer. You're covered, you' re not. It's pre-exsisting, it's not. Luckily for OUR protection, they record the calls so there's no need for me to worry about getting something in writing. WRONG! Suddenly, your lawyer has to request the transcripts of the phone calls. 2 days later I get a call saying the records are for them only and I can't get them. Make up your mind MVP. What are you trying to hide? They hope you'll give up if they put you on hold long enough. BE STUBBORN! DON'T HANG UP! THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT. How do they sleep at night screwing people over all day?
I never got my premium statements, just late notices and then they canceled me. Now I can't get treatment even though I re-enrolled w/in the 63 days they set. Sound familiar to anyone?? I'd love to hear
A  7th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Preface your call with, "I'm going to record this call also" and see how fast you get disconnected (which is really hung up on).
A  31st of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of you. About four years ago there senior management team changed and it was for the worse. Their so called senior management team is a joke. No one ever works- you call them are get an out of the office on vacation- you call there back just to get the same recording telling you to call their back up and so on and so on. There's no direction given from their senior management team and their level of service has gone DOWN. They were very successful back in the day because they were the only carrier in the area (fishkill) but now there are many carriers in the area with a bigger and better provider network and outstanding customer service. Once again it goes to show you that a company that is top heavy FAILS in every way possible. If you have a chance google MVP salaries- you head will spin when you see that their CMO- Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Henderson makes more then the founder/president of MVP. Oh by the way did I mention that his salary is over a million a year plus bonuses and countless sales trips with lots of alcohol involved. So while the senior management team is out parting on our dollar your level of service diminishes and RATES INCREASE!!!. What a shame!!!
N  20th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
This company is the worst, MVP should be immediately investigated by ALL relevant agencies and 3rd parties to invoke their licenses to provide services!!!
A  11th of Sep, 2015 by    0 Votes
Add me to the list of thousands of MVP screwees. I have been a independent paying customer of MVP since 2010. In August {mid benefit year} I had to remove my husband from our "family plan as he turned 65 on 08/06/2015. He was required as we are self employed to go on Medicare along with a Medicare Supplemental plan. He was no longer covered as of 08/01/2015. MVP {been trying really really hard to come up with an appropriately profane true meaning of those letters, recently offered paperless billing online.I chose that option . It is no better than their convoluted system of receiving checks by mail. When I went to make my first premium payment after the change was made on our policy, the online page from their site. My MVP.com, reflected a premium due for that month which was approximately half of our original premium. In good faith since the policy was now for one person this made sense to me. I made the payment online on their site . I also received new insurance cards showing only my name now on my card with my husband's removed. In September I made my payment in the same manner online reflecting the same premium amount.. The next day I received a strange letter of cancellation non dated non signed with no effective date stating cancellation for NON PAYMENT. All of the premium payments have been received and reflect them being removed from my bank account. After speaking to 4 different 'customer service" reps over4 days, I was told that I owed them double the amount for August that was paid so by the time September 1ST arrived, I was cancelled for not paying the "full premium" which was the original before my husband was off the plan(there were only the 2 of us on it originally}. They admit they knew my husband was removed August 1st but claim that I was wrongly informed by THEIR website that my premium was lowered . Therefore I caused my own cancellation. Now I have no insurance yet am paid in full through the month of September with no overdue payments...But the wonderful extortionists at MVP will reinstate if I immediately forward in CERTIFIED FUNDS only an additional premium to cover my husband for August and then September even though they are very aware and removed him from the plan. Not only should everyone with a grievance against them file a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office, , a class action suit against the company exposing their numerous dishonest, unethical, rude and at times quite scam artist tactics should be started. Sadly I doubt anyone above them cares or I don't believe they would be continuing to operate. They are just about dishonest and unethical as a company can be and get away with it.
A  27th of Jan, 2016 by    +1 Votes
According to the "geniuses" at MVP (medicaid), my daughter's pediatrician is covered. Every rep will tell me that. Every rep will tell me *any* doctor with Mt. Kisco Medical Group (MKMG) is covered. Well, not according to MKMG. From what *they* tell me, they have NEVER accepted MVPM. The only thing I can say for MVP here is at least they're *consistently* WRONG.
A  9th of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes
I call members services about RX coverage. My coverage on the summery page says preventive is NODD and wanted to confirm what it meant. The member service representative said she had to go find out and put me on hold for 45 minutes. Luckily I have a phone with a speaker so I went and did other things while on hold. When she came back I said hold just for a minute and a few seconds later she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to another person who was eager to help with my question. I asked what my record of the last call was and it was never noted that my original call was for NODD meaning. This member representative did have the answer for me. I felt that they have the worst customer service and my only other thought of being put on hold for so long was for that person to go take a break!
A  11th of May, 2016 by    0 Votes
I Totally agree with there false statements, Invoices not fully paid when they were, I have 3 Daughters with no coverage due to there incompetent management so called staff...I can't believe the ### that I am dealing with right now, but I will get to the bottom of it ASAP...

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