Mr Delivery / the worst service ever from mr delivery menlyn

I made a Sunday luch order through Mr Delivery Waterglen Menlyn for Nandos. I ordered 1 quarter chicken, 1 quarter chicken meal, 1 chicken salad, chicken wings, a tab & 1 litre liquifruit grape. When the delivery guy arrived we paid him and only after he had left we realised he delivered the wrong food. I called Mr Delivery and told them what had happened and instead of listening to my complaint & putting me on hold more than 4 times Judith told me I would be black listed as a customer for complaining about them making the wrong order for my meal. She kept saying she doesn't understand why I'm fighting about a few rands and not understanding that it wasn't about the money but the fact that they had ordered and delivered the wrong thing which meant that I had paid for an incorrect order. Why would a customer be blacklisted for complaining about bad service? Judith even went as far as saying that this is how Mr Delivery works when dealing with 'bad customers', they blacklist them. What is that about? I don't want my money back i just want people to apologise for the bad service and attitude and treating customers as if they are inconsequential. Mr Deliver officially has bad service.

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