Firefox has updated twice recently and both times deleted all my saved passwords and bookmarks. I searched both times to find out how I retrieve my passwords. But all the information that was on the web and in community help was to no avail. First time that all my passwords were deleted, I just restored my computer to a previous restore point and they reappeared. So since I had been using firefox as my only web platform and had done so for nearly 12 years, I thought I shall continue, as it was my favourite one to use, but when it happened the second time and a restore was ineffective and hours of trying again to find a solution online I have decided that firefox has dropped it's game to the point that I shalln't continue using a platform where important information is completely deleted and the folder old firefox retain zip. Had to go through the process of resetting my passwords and changing to a more reliable platform. Shame really. because I really like firefox and knew how to install add ons, change appearance, etc. No idea, in this competitive market why firefox would become lax in, what use to be great . simple to use service. Plus the webpages dedicated to complaints regarding my exact complaint just finailises the hammering of that last nail in the platform coffin, never to return or look at.

May 17, 2017

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