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This manger is incapable of dealing with her employees; she is not a people person. She shows disgruntled consideration towards both employees and customers. With the customers and the area that the store is located in the manager feels that she HAS to limit the amount of rentals that a customer gets in the video game section. The people in the area are PEOPLE and they carry CASH. So what is the problem? She is worried they will not bring the materials back to her store which may or may not affect her bonus. I know that our store has the potential to make a high revenue, however it could be higher is a lot of the local customers were not getting made at her and not coming back. There was one instance of a customer coming in and throwing a soda bottle at her and it was her own fault. She has no tolerance for anyone who is not like her.
It has been seen that she has closed customer accounts, just because the customers were not liked and customers told not to EVER come back in the store. I know that out store has been number one in our district for sometime, but at what cost? Revolving customers? Those regulars that never come in anymore, because new customers are coming in, who then they get mad and don’t come back. This is terrible business and it will catch up to this store soon.
To add, she received long term employees, ones that were there and already trained when she came in as a manager. She was asked to hire just two new employees and both have been left go in only a month’s time. She can not engage in any sort of normal training experiences that are not condescending to the employee and her patients wears thin having to explain something.
Due to the fact, that if an employee makes a mistake on the job; the employee who made the mistake is the last person to know. All the other employees know before the employee who has made the mistake. This is the sort of talking trash behind her employees’ backs and it is getting out to the other employees that she is telling things that should be a private matter- such as other people’s raises in front of those who are not yet receiving a raise. Or that, so and so is doing this and that, yet not correcting the so in so, just making them look like they can not do the job. Also, she has left personal materials such as pay stubs out so others can look at them. Just out right trashing the employees, this manager may know on paper her job and know ALL the rules and can use ALL TOOL to do the job, (that is because she is not teaching others); she really needs help in the people skills department for retention purposes of the store. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a person there for more than a months and knows the job?

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  • Cl
      Oct 13, 2009

    I agree, if I was working with someone like you... I would be pretty irritated too.

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  • Di
      Dec 22, 2009

    Irish! I could not get over your analogy of this complaint. After looking through more or less 30 of your 140+ comments I noticed you side with the company the person complains about. I will bet 98% of the time you side with the company that is complained about. You are negative, insufferable and discourteous to say the least. You filed a complaint saying you were accused of stealing a VCR accidentally!? You want people to believe you!? You have an ID of IRISH. I know there are black irish, never the less, I never seen an African American that is IRISH. Is this a game to you, or do you have a problem??

    Most of your comments have thumbs down. I also have noticed Trevor also follows your comments.

    I was compelled to comment on IRISH. I would not doubt if there is a complaint on IRISH

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  • Cl
      Dec 23, 2009

    I can so relate to your post OP!

    Oh my goodness, are you sure your manager is not a clone of ours at Charlotte Russe? LOL

    This OP is just telling things as they ARE, the truth!

    We have the same kind of manager. Gets really irritated if you ask ANY questions, does not want to train you at all, refuses to let you do ANYTHING but the most menial of tasks.

    We've been there for months and should of gotten a raise by now, or something, more job responsibilites.

    Now, I find out after a very severe winter storm which left 50, 000 people in B. County without power, including ourselves that, he's been giving rides to certain girls in our store.

    I've told him again and again it's going to be dangerous getting out early or late in the day, due to the fact our area lacks funding to sand or salt the roads (or so they say). Where we have to drive, they have not yet even plowed it to allow 2 cars to pass, only 1 1/2 cars in width, plus all the twisty roads we have to drive on.

    I was assigned 7 am this past week, but after the heavy snowfall and all the dangerous roads that resulted when the road crews cannot get them all cleared properly, I asked for something in the late morning, so it wouldn't be so icy, like 11 am or 12 nooon, so I could get to the store safely & in one piece, he just pushed my hours back an hour or so, so I'm stuck between a hard place, getting on the road, and getting into a horrible accident and thus putting others at risk, or getting fired, I suppose.

    Funny thing is, I already told him I wanted to quit, things were NOT working for me, and our state is an at will state, meaning you CAN quit or be fired at any point in time without notice,

    Instead this misfit of a manager says that I MUST give them 2 WEEKS notice, and now these 2 weeks fall right before Christmas (how convenient for them) and just getting in our vehicle and TRYING to get to work Early in the morning is putting my very life at risk.

    I'm sitting here listening to the radio and have already heard of TWO WRECKS that occurred, both on very busy roads, even the interstate has icy patches...

    I don't know what to do.. We only have the one reliable vehicle, if it gets wrecked, I'll have NO transportation to get ANOTHER job!

    Plus I could get badly injured or killed... We also have deer in our area, so that makes it doubly worse, as they are out & about in the early morning hours or after dark.

    Thanks for the warning about Movie Galley OP! Take the same grain of salt towards CLT Russe, they do NOT care about some of their employees or customers, that's for sure!

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  • Cl
      Dec 23, 2009

    I'm listening to the radio and they are announcing, "remember it's STILL icy out there, so please be careful!"

    Wow.. what do I do? Put my very life at risk or just call and quit?

    Hope the DM is reading this and sees how our store mgr. likes to put certain people's lives at risk!

    This guy needs the boot and it sounds like your store manager at Movie Galley does too!

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  • Mo
      Jan 16, 2010

    wow okay again.
    we have already addressed the icy weather in the past month on conference call jan 9th.
    alot of people were fired, and they should of been. Dont call in because your bundled up in bed, call in because you had a wreck. duh.

    as for Pcustomer. Managers can be cool but they have alot of stress on them right now. I don't blame them for following their own policies. Heck I do too. If you don't like your manager that much - quit. or if you think she is doing something so wrong -report her to the dm. but keep in mind if you do that, they may corner you and trap you into being written up for something stupid.

    or you could transfer to another store!

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