Mortgage Relief SolutionsLiars - do not do what they say.. Stay away!

Stay far away from this company! Huge scam!!!

I'm not one to write reviews, but just wanted to warn everyone about my experience before you find yourself in the same position.

We "hired" mortgage relief solutions to take over our property and help us get rid of it because it had been underwater for years and we did not like being landlords. The condo unit we gave to mrs and the building it is located in, is distressed, so it was hard to maintain a separate living situation and spending extra money on constant problems.In addition, we re-located. Mrs agreed to take over the property and make payments, as well as take care of maintenance.

While our old tenants were still renting the property (One month into mrs taking over) , they paid our mortgage only because I called them and asked why it had not been paid yet. We had model tenants who paid on time, so it was odd to have to call them about paying - - red flag, but I didn't think much of it because we were desperate to get rid of this property and mrs is bbb accredited (Not sure why!). Second month rolls around and I have to call them again and ask why mortgage was not paid again - - supposedly the story was that some mortgages are paid between the 1st - 5th, 5th - 10th, and 10th to 15th. Third month rolls around and the same thing happens, only this time, constance salas (Eric brown's "assistant"/accomplice) suggested I file a forbearance because they could not afford to pay my mortgage... Um ok?? I was not too happy about that as my credit was pristine. She assured me the process shouldn't take too long and my credit would not be affected whatsoever. Fast forward over one year later - - my credit is ruined, we're stuck renting, and they have put us over 13k behind on our mortgage. The forbearance was not approved as we do not live in the property.

In addition, they placed tenants in the property last march (2016) and have not made one single payment towards our mortgage. They continually pocket the cash that the renter is paying and we have been forced to hire a lawyer to proceed with lawsuits against mrs and the tenant they placed. At this point, we are just trying to regain control of the property so that we can, at best, list and short sale it - - something we do not need mrs's help with.

If I would've known they would screw us over, I would've just started a strategic default or short sale modification without giving the property up to mrs as this is something they supposedly help you avoid. Not!!!

Mortgage relief solutions is a very unethical business who will string you along and milk the cow for as much money as possible. They target properties who are far away from their locale (Phoenix, az). These people are criminals!

One last thing to note:
Don't bother taking the positive reviews they have into account. Most of them are from people who work for this so-called "business".

Jan 10, 2017

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