Monotronics / Alliance / Faulty installation, false alarm

7525 Summer Crest Lane, 89129, Las Vegas, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7022932775

On Feb. 7, 2015 at 11:15, just after we left the house, the alarm went off. Monotronics (a woman) called my husband on the cell phone (while he was driving) and said the alarm went off. She asked for the password, which my husband (74) couldn't remember. He was going to ask her to ask him another question to verify his identity, but she cut him off. He drove immediately back to the home, which was only two blocks away and checked the home. It was supposed to be the livingroom that set off the alarm, but nothing was amiss. We have little furniture, but heavy and not readily movable. The only thing we could figure was that the blinds were open and a car must have passed and cast a shadow.
When we first purchased this system, we specifically asked if it was facing a window or open blinds--would it make the alarm go off. The agent assured us it wouldn't. A technician needs to come out and put the sensor in a different spot or you can just take the whole system out if this is going to happen often. It is Monotronics faulty for deceptive sales tactics and we are not happy. We had better not get a bill for the police who came out. The woman on the phone should have asked a different security question before she cut my husband off. sometimes old people cant remember passwords, so they need to have a better system. If the technician doesn't call in a few days, I will send this complaint to the BBB or Contact 13. We don't like being deceived into buying something that will cause us distress everytime we leave the home and have our blinds open. Please call and resolve this issue, including eliminating a bill because this is Monotronics fault. We are very disappointed in the way this was handled.

Feb 8, 2015

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