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Ji Feb 26, 2014
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Phone: 972-612-0553

I went to the Monarch dental in Mckinney last May and because I refused to have a QUADRANT cleaning the assistant refused to give me a regular cleaning. While sitting in the Dental chair for 45 minutes and only one other pateint in the entire building I started staring around the office and noticed dried blood splattered on the walls. I got up to leave and was told I owed $348.00 for x-rays. I replied that my dental insurance should of covered that, so I called my insurance company and put my phone on speaker and the dental claims officer said they had already given Monarch an approval for the full amount. Then this past week I had an abscess tooth. I was sent to a clinic suggested by my new dentist because they couldn't do oral surgery at their location. The dentist I went to said they had no surgeon on site but called Monarch in Mckinney and they were told there was a surgeon on the premises who could see me. Knowing better but in severe pain(I had just left the emergency room at a nearby hospital and was told if the tooth was not removed within a few days I could be in life threatening mode. Surprise!After going to the Monarch in Mckinney they said sorry we messed up we don't have a surgeon here but our location in Plano on Preston rd. can see you now and there is a surgeon there. After driving to the Plano location 45 min. away I was told that SURPRISE we don't have a surgeon here but can get one here tomorrow. Then I was presented with what it would cost to have ONE tooth extracted. $1384.00. I said I would like to call my insurance company and see why it coast so much. The office manager rushed over and said hang up and we will call them because you don't have the reference numbers. I stated I did as they were on the copy I was holding anyway I said sure call . The office manager a real B----, came over and told me that my insurance company was not going to cover anything and I would have to pay more. I replied that I wanted to seek immediate treatment elsewhere and was told by the office B---- that if I did not show up the next day at 11 a.m. or cancelled she would add a $100.00 charge to my credit card. I called the corporate headquarters in California last week and got a call Monday assuring me that they were sorry the woman who I dealt with was a temp. not in good standing and asked what she could do. I noticed a pending $58.00 charge from them on my credit card and told the lady about it. She said don't worry there's no charge and said what else can I do for you. She assured me she would call me back the next day. Never did. The 458.00 charge went through and I am advising you NEVER EVER go to Monarch for any reason. I would of been better off using my own pliers.

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