Moe's Southwest Grillfood/service

Ke Dec 04, 2018 Bristol, CT

On 12/3/18 at 8:30ish I ordered food from Bristol, CT moes on Farmington Ave ; two items to be exact. I ordered a closer talker. On the close talker I ordered rice, ground beef, black beans, pico, roasted corn, extra sour cream. On that Order I received lettuce ground beef, black beans and what looked to be like sour cream and on top of that feta. My boyfriend however ordered two simple tacos and we did not even receive those. It said we were refunded however I was not.

I am extremely disappointed, i am a huge fan of moes but to order food after a 14 hour day and receive not at all what I ordered and my boyfriend didn't even receive his food at all is a little ridiculous. I understand it was near closing but you guys were not closed yet and I should of received what I ordered.

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