Modelmayhem / subscription changes without permission

I went into the hospital in late feb/2018 for some heart issues. Before I went in, I needed to take leave from my job and logged on to all sites that I have subscriptions to, and all that have auto bill pay because I knew my funds would be extremely limited. Modelmayhem was one of them. I changed my subscription to $10 monthly which I have proof of from them taking that out of my account. It is now april and I am home and on the mend, but have to take heart medication. I went to the pharmacy for my refill knowing that my account is super tight and that I just barely had enough to cover this. To my surprise it was declined. And even more of a surprise was the reason why. I logged into my bank account to see that mm had all of the sudden charged me $55, not $10. Wth??? I then, go to mm and see that my subscription had been bumped from $10 to $55 while I was in the hospital sometime without my knowledge. No email notification, no "hey we are going to do this, is that ok?"... Nothing. And I sure as heck have not been doing anything while in the hospital.
So, I write to customer service about this matter explaining the situation, how it is not okay that they did that, and that I need this medication to save my life and they seem to have only one customer service person because I have dealt with this horrid person before..."brandi." the few times I have had to write them about pics not showing up or things not working properly... I get the most condescending/defensive/chip-on-her-shoulder responses from her. Every time. She doesn't look into anything, she doesn't help, she doesn't even care about whatever is going wrong. And this time she claims that I am lying and that they never change people's status for them. Well, brandi dear, I was in a hospital bed and would have no reason to ever change it, nor was I even able to, but thanks for your response insinuating that I am a liar.
I wrote her back letting her know that I have had it with them/her and included a screenshot of my proof that I was charged $10 before and now out of the blue $55, along with an actual picture of me in the hospital, and that I would be letting everyone know about her and mm's unethical business practices.
In my original attempt at reaching out I asked them to reverse their unauthorized charge asap so I could return to the pharmacy and get my medicine. Her response was letting me know by as I mentioned, insinuating that I am lying, and not reversing their unauthorized change.

I have deleted my membership with them despite being vip since about 2007, and plan to share this story everywhere so that others do not have this happen as well.


Apr 05, 2018

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