Modelmayhem / model mayhem

“models beware!!! Many of these so-called mm photographers are nothing more than old lonely creepy freaks!!! Hiding behind cameras. This is their version of peek shows like on old times square in nyc, they are paying to view women's sometimes nude bodies. Don't be fooled! Check their credits closely, many are copying and pasting information into credits, under the fictitious professional models names. Most can differentiate legitimate photographers from fake photographers. Always keep in mind legitimate photographers have many followers sometimes in the thousands, fakes only have a couple, because they are not legit in the industry. Be very careful of one from brooklyn new york. He is straight up fake! He is not involved with any magazines company like he claims, or modeling projects anywhere in this country or in any other country we've checked. His mo is an articulate, trustworthy, and a nice individual, however be extremely careful!

Jul 10, 2017

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