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This company charged $5, 000 with statements of assurance that they would be able to negotiate a loan modification with my lender. They also stated that an attorney was needed to negotiate with the bank because lenders were not negotiating with borrowers, and only attorneys could complete a deal and create a new contract with the lender. Mod By Lawyers never called me to give me updates. I always had to call and check on the status of my file. I was ALWAYS told that they were talking to the lender but my file had not been assigned to a negotiator for the lender. This same or similar conversation went on for more than eight months. I have since asked for a refund by phone, but received no return calls. I made an appointment to meet with a representing attorney BRIAN TIMOTHY STUART (California Bar #207118). At our meeting date, Atty. Stuart showed me verbage in the the contract that I signed with his company that basically said if I did not let them know in writing that I wanted to sever my relationship with them, I would not be entiltled to a refund. However, there is also verbage in the contract that states if they do not provide me with services stated in the contract, I would be entilted to a 50% refund. Atty. Stuart agreed to discuss the matter with the company's owner, Atty. MAJID SAFAIE, and get back to me after their conversation and decision. I have yet to hear from Atty. Stuart.

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