MiWay / unreasonable lack of progress in claim

Johannesburg, South Africa

Since May 2014 I have been dealing with a MiWay legal advisor and it has been a drawn out and unpleasant experience. The staff member in question took so long to get ANYWHERE with the claim that eventually I had to get help from the Legal Team Manager who was embarrassed by his service when I told her about my experience and then had the matter at a conclusion from her side within the week.
I spent MONTHS of stress and anxiety trying to get answers and progress from the legal advisor and am shocked that this issue could have been put to bed ages ago, as proved by his superior. He would promise to contact me and I would have to chase him for information as the promises of contact by certain times/days were not fulfilled. He mislead me in terms of progress with the claim, speaking about authorization and vaguely answering me that it was authorization for payment when I questioned it, yet NO such progress was ever made. He would tell me to call him at a specific day/time and then not be in the office. I read a correspondence between him and his superior and it didn't include any of the details he had confirmed with me weeks/months ago.
I am shocked that I was made to worry and stress myself sick over this situation because of this staff member's lack of communication skills and not sticking to his word. Myself, everyone involved in the claim, and all of those who I have spoken to over the past few months are disgusted. For a person in such a situation it is extremely unfair to let them sit and panic about it for so long! I ended up on tranquilizers while waiting for this to come to a conclusion!

Aug 17, 2014

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