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MindBody Online / Fraudulent monthly charges

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I own a Yoga studio and I was a Mindbody Online customer for over 3 years. Each year they kept increasing the monthly subscription fee to use their software and they made me feel like there was no other option available that could do the job. Not only was the Mindbody software expensive, it was extremely difficult to use and required me to spend hours upon hours learning the system on my own. I still haven’t figured it out so I was even coaxed by their sales staff into paying extra for training sessions and support! If the software did what it was supposed to do, all this frustration could have been avoided. Thank goodness that there are other companies that offer a far better, more cost effective solution. Finally 3 months ago, I decided that I had enough and went with another software service provider. I am so glad that I did, but needless to say that Mindbody didn't make the transition an easy one. First, they refused to export my client’s billing information! These are MY clients and all of my clients were on a monthly auto-pay plan so I was forced to obtain their billing information for a second time and enter it manually into my new system. The cherry on top was that Mindbody CONTINUED to bill me months even after I cancelled with them in writing!!! I guess that they thought that I wouldn't notice the extra charges on my credit card statement. I had to call to my credit card company for them to credit back the fraudulent charges.
I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. In fact, stay far, far away. There are much better options out there now so do your homework!!!

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  • Yo
      12th of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I've been with MBO now for about 6 years and still struggling with the software. It is very complicated with many features and yet the features I actually need don't exist. I have finally decided to move. I have found a company that takes 10 minutes to program what took me days, weeks, hours of frustration and tears and I can't believe how simple this other one is. Its also simple for the clients as they found MBO diffcult to use as well. I'm setting up a new website and inputting all my data before I make the divorce. It was a tough decision but so glad I'm finallly taking the leap. MBO is putting on another 20% for European tax. Yoga is not well paid and all my time and money goes on the software. They don't listen to their customers and they need to as software is improving all the time and their software is old fashioned now compared to the new companies.

  • Er
      31st of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I purchased Mind Body for my uniquely-designed yoga business. I did receive some training from the company to set up the software, but the training pertained more to a standard business model. I asked to be paired with a training specialist who could assist me with my unique needs but was denied that request. Without the training I needed, I put the business on hold. I was still paying for the service and my monthly fees were varying each month even though I was not accepting transactions. My merchant account fees went as high as $70 per month in addition to the monthly software fees (Mind Body sets the merchant fees. I didn't sign up for Constant Contact, which is another fee they don't tell you about upfront.). I attempted to cancel my account, a process that requires 30 days per the terms and conditions (even though I'd never used the account). 43 days after my cancellation request, I received an email that they had cancelled my cancellation. I had failed to provide the credit card number I was using for payment, although my account was paid directly through a bank account and they had no credit card on file for me. Despite my insistence, they would not let me speak to management. It took 4 phone conversations with Mind Body, 3 emails, and a lot of time on hold to get the account closed. The best advice I have is to steer clear of Mind Body and use one of their competitors.

  • Yo
      31st of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    I wrote on MBO forum that I was moving across to another company but I was setting up the new software first and that I was in transition. A few days later I got an email from them telling me they were terminating my account. I contacted them and said there had been a mistake. They said there hadn't they took my note in the forum as my notice! I said I hadn't told them formally and until I did they did not have permission to terminate my account. I was shocked I would have lost all my data. They said my comment in the forum was formal notice. WHHAAAT. It will take me a couple of months to transition as I'm setting up a new website and I've scheduled all my courses for a year. They have now reinstated my account and I have not written in the forum since. However, when I'm ready to leave I will send a goodbye note! I feel MBO has gotten very toxic and my new company are lovely and they do some really nice touches. What took me days and weeks to program took me about an hour on the new software. Let me know if you want the name of it. Its going to cost $39 a month and that includes data, booking, shopping cart, code, free mail chimp and compliance. Its going to save me a fortune. I hope to move across this summer.

  • Mi
      5th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Yogawoman What is the name of the new company you’re using?

  • Si
      17th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    Mindbodyonline have continued stealing money from my account after my request cancel subscription, easy to get in, impossible to get out. They know what they are doing..Very toxic bussiness

  • Ei
      28th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Have been charged on my credit card 4 months when I cancelled the service thru email several times even called from where I live, Costa Rica. The service offered was not efficient in my country so I ended up cancelling after 3-4 months. Never used it on clients...
    Bought an offer 50% off for three months, the formation sessions where only available once a week for 30 minutes so ended up using all 3 months of offer learning how to use it. I was offered that all my client info could be uploaded and this ended up being not true, cause I had to digit every single client and their information by hand, plus they couldnt pay online so we decided we didn’t want to keep the system.
    I cancelled the subscription on nov 21st and all sorts of nonsense emails and requisites to cancell I kept getting charged every month. I even stated in an email to not charge my credit card again. Unauthorizing the company.
    I received another charge this wednesday again for the monthly fee!!
    Below all photos of emails back and forth and now they say I am not eligible for refunds. They do have knowledge that I wasnt using the system and they wrote an email concerned on “no activity”.
    It’s amazing this companies that take advantage of the clients like this. They owe me $1180 total for dec, jan, feb amd march! Everyone needs to know this kind of reviews to avoid loosing money like I did...
    I cancelled subscription and they kept charging my credit card 4 months after that and not refunding me any money... that is steeling...
    Everyone needs to know and reading this reviews it seems to be their modus operandum...

  • St
      12th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    Worst software experience Ever!
    I switched from another provider and what a mistake that was. Can't even get anyone on the phone or answer a support ticket. What a joke! I've done some demos with other providers and I'm switching ASAP. Oh, and now they had a data breach so I have to worry about my clients coming after me!

    Thanks for nothing MB

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