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Miller Long Term Rentals / Unfair and unprofessional company

1 Hilton Head Island, SC, United States Review updated:

I have never been treated more unfairly or more unprofessionally by a rental company in my life. We paid our rent each month on time - never a day late. We upheld our agreement to the letter. Yet, when we moved out - after changing every burned out bulb, cleaning every window, paying a professional company $200 to thoroughly clean the house, paying another $100 to shampoo 2 rooms of carpeting - this company allowed the owners to withhold an additional $350 "cleaning fee" from our deposit! Who has ever heard of paying $650 to clean a house?! That is absurd!

When we asked for a reason, we got no legitimate explanation. We just got this: "We work for the owner. There is nothing we can do." In what other case is it okay to steal from someone and then say "my boss told me to steal from you so there is nothing I could do"? That response is at worst criminal and at best cowardly. Yes, there was something they could do. They could have stood up and said that they inspected the house, that it was spotless, and the fee was unjust and they therefore would not take what was not theirs to take. But instead they chose to do the wrong, easy thing.

However, I understand. The owners have money and other properties are more important than us in their eyes. It seems we should have either not paid our last months rent or walked out without cleaning the place. But unlike those in this company we are honest, decent people.

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  • Mi
      20th of Mar, 2010

    Unfortunately the tenant is totally incorrect in his complaint. If he had a professional cleaning company clean the house they should have produced a receipt for doing the general cleaning and then either they or we could have had the cleaning company return to bring the cleaning up to the standard requested. That never happened, so the house was cleaned by a professional cleaning company for an additional cost of $225, so the comment that he was charged an additional $350 is NOT CORRECT.

    The tenant is indicating that they paid $100 to shampoo the carpets and hard surface flooring, but in actuality, the tenant had paid $300 directly to the carpet cleaning company, but they did not provide a receipt as required by the lease. We had to contact the carpet cleaning to get a receipt. We with held $125 pending a receipt from the carpet cleaning company. Now that we have a receipt for the carpet cleaning the $125 will be disbursed to the tenant. It is the tenant's responsibility to provide receipts. The preliminary closing statement the tenant received clearly stated that money being held were ESTIMATES ONLY and subject to receiving receipts.

    The tenant is correct we have and "Agency agreement" with the owner and if we do not comply with an owners directive, then we are in violation of the agency agreement.

    So what he has not said is that he will be getting a good portion of his security deposit refunded. Miller Long Term Rentals

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  • Wi
      23rd of Jul, 2010

    It is impossible to take sides as no one knows the full story. However, in many states it is explicitly forbidden to force professional carpet cleaning and submission of a reciept in a lease agreement. In the remaining states, although not explicitly forbidden, it is unlikely this clause in the lease would be enforceable if the property is maintained in reasonably clean and safe condition. Again, this would depend on the courts in your area, but according to most landlord/tenant laws, this type of clause would not hold up.

    I hope this helps you in the future

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  • Ke
      22nd of Oct, 2013

    This company miller long term rentals before you move out give you a recommendation latter which company to use for cleaning and if you don't use this company they will have no kick back from them. In this case they will take some part of your deposit. They do this with many other people.

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