Mike's Heavy Duty TowingEmergency roadside assistance and towing

Gr Mar 27, 2016 Brooklyn, NY

I had broken down on a well known highway en route to a major airport and my insurer had me call Mike's, saying theirs was the only towing service that covers that road. First, the guy on the phone made me repeat everything I had just clearly conveyed to him about my situation: where I was, the name of the highway and a general location and distance from the airport. He then asked for an exit number. I said I didn't know but his driver should still be able to find me. He got angry and insisted on an actual exit number. Again I said I didn't know. "Then I can't help you, " he said--and hung up!

Mike's refused to help me for no good reason. (I called my insurance company again and they did get another towing company to get my car started.) Mike's was not only rude but downright unprofessional. They've received a number of complaints on other forums about things they've done to other stranded motorists--and even some borderline criminal activity. The very few positive reviews they've gotten were most likely written by the company employers themselves. Stay away.

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