Michelin / faulty valve stems, under inflated tires

1 Chico ca, United States

We had Mitchelin tires installed on our Class c camper. The first time we drove it two of the valve stems failed and tires went flat.
We were not on the road at the time but in a camp site mins after we parked.
We had to call out a service truck @ $125.00. They installed new valve stems and stated the valve stems were due to improper
installation and the wrong valve stems for the tires. All the tires were under inflated for the requirement of Mitchelin.
If Costco wants to deal in tires that are bigger than small atuo's they need to train their installers.
We were advised to have all the valve stems replaced at a tire center that knows what they are doing.
We were lucky that we weren't on the road when this happened because one of the valve stems was on a front tire.

May 14, 2015

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