Michele Franzese Moda / refund system

Contact information: not trusting online shop

see these numbers before you make decisions.
they will hide this on the web,
and expose the devil face after you paid.

buying a pair of jeans price=usd 247
total spending returning jeans from overseas:
shipping two ways + tax
usd 90+92=usd 182
deduct 73% original price include shipping.

not trusting online shop, not reliable.
avoid, don‘t buy.
don't answer email. no service.
not honest, kill your money.
actually don't want to take return goods,
and finally deduct 73% original price include shipping.
worst online shop in my 30 yr experience.'s reply:
I have posted this feedback in their facebook.
that's their reply.
"hello dear customer, you can see all the rules
of return at this link:
you can see that everything is clear"

they have post this reply in their facebook,
and admit that they deduct 73% of the
original price for returning a pair of jeans.

pls read the link above to check if you can
"see that everything is clear" before you buy anything from them.

Long story:
bought a pair jeans online from michele franzese moda from italy.

try at home, not fit.
email ask return within 3 hr arrival. reply ok.
demand ship back return within 7 days.
spend us50 to ship back italy from overseas.

item arrive italy. email demand me to pay euro81 custom fee,
before retrieve the parcel and will deduct from the refund.
and lying said they haven't permit me to ship back.

i ask for explaination why custom fee so high.
no reply. no answer.
email 5 times tell them deduct euro 81 dollars and go to retrieve the parcel.
finally pick up percel after 10 days.

Michele Franzese Moda

Feb 7, 2019

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