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Michael Hill / care plan is a scam and management is unethical

1 Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
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My 80 year old mother with dementia and on a fixed income visited a Michael Hill store after seeing a flyer for a "now $799! ring" (that supposedly retails for $1800...ya right). Her bill came to $1089.

Sure its $799...but it will be $60 to size it for you ma'am. But wait, if you purchase the Lifetime Care Plan its free sizing. She had no idea that most reputable jewelers provide complementary sizing.

And the plan isn't, as advertised, $109 for something priced at $799. Instead its a whopping $179 plus tax (because the 'real' price is a made up $1800).

She doesn't need a lifetime plan as she's 80 years old! They told her it will be useful for those that will inherit the ring but the fine print says otherwise.

We go to the store for a refund on the care plan. First they want to use the stupid sales pitch on me. Sorry but paying 25% more for anything to be 'cared for' is a waste of money.

So then they lie to me and say I can use the care plan after I inherit the ring. But the fineprint as I pointed out to them- and they know- says otherwise. The lack of ethics is astounding.

They offer a full refund eventually but then have the nerve to sya "oh she had the ring sized, so sorry she already used the care plan... no refund for her".

You have got to be kidding me.

I threaten to call the news to visit this story. ONLY THEN do they agree to give her back the care plan cost.

Bunch of bogus con artists. STAY AWAY FROM MICHAEL HILL!

Nov 20, 2016

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