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I booked a flight from PDX to PVR in February 2017. Today I was told by Daniel Corarrubias, a Supervisor of Rates and Changes at Mexicana Airlines, that Mexicana ceased flying out of Portland, OR in June of 2017. I received an email last night after 5pm West coast time, so I saw it this morning, notifying me that my flight status had been "changed". I called the number listed in the email immediately, and was informed that my flight no longer existed, and they needed to try and book me on one of their partner airlines to be able to get me from PDX to PVR.

The agent, Antonio Estrada, gave me the details on the new flight he found which cut a day off the back end of my vacation, but still got me home on the 29th of Nov as originally planned. The flight was less than appealing as there are 4 connecting flights and one is an over night layover at SFO. I was also informed at this time that Mexicana will not provide accommodations for the night of the 28th in San Francisco even though I will not depart on the next connection until 7am Nov 29. This was unacceptable to me so I requested to speak with a supervisor, Daniel Corarrubias. Daniel was immediately curt, rude and defensive. He basically informed me that I was to accept the changes and there were no other options or I would be given a full refund. I then requested that I speak with his supervisor, Claudia Alarcon, who was unavailable nor could I have a number for her, an email address, nor a voicemail and I could not call back and speak to her at a later time. After spending 2.5 hours on the phone with Daniel and the agent, Antonio Estrada, I was booked on a flight leaving a day earlier, Nov 21. This means I will have to pay to take another day off work.

Reportedly there were no other options. However, what about cooperating with another airline outside your contracts to get me to Mexico and have Mexicana pay for the flight? This I was told was not possible. After booking the flight I commended Antonio for his help and patience in dealing with the booking and my frustration. I requested to speak with customer service so I could let them know he had done a nice job.

In speaking with the customer service representative, Elsa Sotres, I thanked her for Antonio's work and explained the situation. Elsa gave me a quick apology to close the conversation, at which time I asked, "Is that it?" Elsa told me there was nothing Mexicana could do to compensate me for this oversight. My question is why the airline did not notify me back in June of the fact that they do not fly out of Portland any longer? At that point it may have been possible to provide me with more appealing flight times than the 4 connections BOTH ways to and from Mexico. Elsa then gave me the robotic response, �We hope you can continue to fly with Mexicana Airlines�.

Lastly, the only way to lodge a formal complaint is to fax or email a complaint. There is apparently no one to take calls for customer service for complaints, only when a customer wants to compliment their service will Mexicana accept a phone call. Ridiculous!

Rest assured I will never fly Mexicana Airlines again, and I will relay this incident to everyone I know in hopes that they choose another airline so as to avoid similar misfortune and excessive frustration.

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  •   Jun 25, 2008
    Mexicana Airlines - They kept the money for a ticket I wanted to cancel for almost 3 years
    Mexicana Airlines
    United States

    Mexicana Airlines made me buy a ticket for my wife in Mexico City when we were coming back to Canada, they said she needed a return ticket so we bought the ticket, but they didn't get enough selling us a ticket, they sold the most expensive, first class and they didn't even ask us about it; In Canada I try to cancel the ticket and get my money back, I paid with my credit card, so we went to the office in Vancouver and the representative of Mexicana Airline, Irma Vega, told me that she couldn't return the money because my wife needed the permanent residency and I explained her that I was the buyer, I paid with my credit card and she didn't care, so we had to wait almost 2 years to get the money, my wife just got her permanent residency and I hope they give my money back, I hope they pay interest for the money they kept for that time.

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  • Mexicana Airlines - No Consideration For Customers
    Mexicana Airlines
    San Jose International Airport
    San Jose
    United States

    On 12/5/2017

    On Saturday December 5, 2017 Both my parents who are both in bad fair health due to personal medical issues along with other angery pasangers both middle age and childern. Were told that flihgt 953 departuring from San Jose Ca, and arriving in Gudalajara Jalisco Mx. Was running late their was a 4 hour 20 min. wait wihich was a total lie. during that waiting period Mexicana did nothing what so ever to try and keep their customers happy. They did not provide a meal for all their passenger nor gave them some type of discount! I am abosulutely upset at this fact I could lost my Parents due to the fact that one of them is diabetic and needs to eat something offten in order not to get ill. and have a low or high glucose rate. I am going to do what ever it takes to get this action taken care of not only for my parents but for the rest of them passanger. This type of busniess should not be acceptable or even alowed it part of our constitution right of being American Citizien. Now instead of my parents Enjoying their vacation in Mexico one of them is Hospitalized in Mexico due to the fact that his body can't be exposed to htis type of enviroment. Now as you know I find myself emotionaly distress and disoriented. What christmas to expect this year. I called the airline right after I spoke to my parents and I asked what kind of customer Satisfation can they offer my parents. they told me their was nothing that could be done. Just to go to their page and leave my suggestion. I was not rude I just kindly let them know that due to the fact of their bad service One of My parents was Hospitalized in Mexico and to be advised that I am going to Take this to a higer Grade have justice done...DON'T WITH MEXICANA ... AIRLIES...AIRLIES...

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  • He
      Dec 07, 2009

    wait, hold on
    it is not the airlines fault they didn't feed your parents. It is their own fault. It's not Air Mexicanas problem, to supply food, unless they are in the air.
    Also, what is with you stating that your fathers in the hospital? If he can't handle that environment, why did they fly out there.
    Please we have so many people like you trying to get a quick buck off of everything, so why don't you just accept the fact that your wrong and give up.

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  • Na
      Jan 21, 2010
    Mexicana Airlines - Bad service
    Mexicana Airlines
    United States

    Please notice that I tried to resolve this with Mexicana on 3 different occasions before posting this complaint. I sent emails to their customer support website but they never replied to any of my messages. (Mexicana complaint # 106958

    My experience with Mexicana de Airlines:

    In August of this year, I purchased 2 round trip tickets to travel with my wife from San Francisco, California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in September of 2017. Unfortunately, the city of Cabo San Lucas was hit by a hurricane the same week we were slated to travel and our flight was cancelled.

    After numerous phone calls and being on hold for significant amounts of time for each call, Mexicana informed us that although no refund was available, we would receive a credit to take another flight (which included a variety of destinations in Mexico) to be used within 6 months. At that point, I was satisfied with the option I received. However, that same night I called Mexicana and told them that I wanted to use that credit for a flight to Cancun for the same dates of our original trip in September as both my wife and I had already scheduled our vacation. The rates on Mexicana's website for flights to Cancun were somewhat similar to the cost of the tickets to Cabo San Lucas. However, to my surprise, when talking to a Mexicana agent I was informed that the difference I needed to pay to get those tickets using the credit I had received was almost $900 per ticket, not only double as much as I had paid originally for the flight to Cabo San Lucas, but also $400 more per ticket than was shown on Mexicana's own website! And yet because the credit issued to purchase another ticket had to be done with an agent over the phone, I could not access those cheaper fares online! The explanation I got was that those rates were only internet ratesand were not available to access with a credit.In other words, Mexicana was saying, we give you a credit for your trip that was cancelled due to a natural disaster in Cabo San Lucas, but that doesnt mean you can actually use that credit.

    Since I knew I was traveling to Puerto Vallarta with my wife again in November 2017, I decided to go ahead and pay for the full tickets to Cancun and use the credit to flight from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta in November. At that point I was informed that the tickets to Puerto Vallarta were the equivalent of what I paid to Cabo San Lucas originally, so I could use my original credit which I did. I got a new reservation code from Mexicana and reserved my flights to Puerto Vallarta. I was fairly satisfied again.

    A week before my trip to Puerto Vallarta in November, I went online and confirmed that we were scheduled to fly on November 25th and everything looked good. On the day of our departure I arrived 2 hours early to Mexicana counter at SFO. To my surprise, the lady at the counter told me that we were scheduled on the flight but that we were not confirmed. She explained to me that the Mexicana agent who got me the new itinerary and credited my flights must have never linked the new reservation with the actual flights. In other words, we were confirmed on the flight, but it showed that the tickets were not paid!

    I was shocked when the manager at the counter, although recognizing that the mistake came from the Mexicana employee who made the reservation, told me that there was nothing she could do unless I paid a difference of $1, 200. I asked to speak to her supervisor or a manager, but everything was futile, as ultimately she had the last word. At that point my flight was about to leave as we had spent approximately 1.5 hours with the employees of Mexicana trying to just leave for our vacation. They knew that time was not on our side, and if we didnt pay yet again there was nothing that the Mexicana agents would do for us. I decided to pay the difference rather than have Mexicana ruin my trip yet again. What this means is that I had paid almost $3, 500 for 2 economy tickets to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta that at the most would cost $1, 600 if purchased & reserved with anticipation, as we had done.

    Unfortunately the story didnt end there. Once we arrived to Puerto Vallarta, we noticed that our bags did not made it with us. There we were, starting our vacation without our clothes, personal items and a prescription medication. Of course when I inquired at the Mexicana counter as to what our choices were, the only answer was to wait.I called several times our first night of vacation to see if our bags had arrived and yet no information could be provided to us. Finally, the bags arrived the next day, almost 24 hours later.

    To end the experience with Mexicana, on Sunday, Nov 29, when we were returning to San Francisco from the Puerto Vallarta airport, and again checking in more than 2 hours prior to the flight, we were told that my wife and I had separate seats. The reason they gave us was that the plain was full. What an unforeseeable event! At that point, we did not complain, we were happy just to be on the flight at all.

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  • Fo
      Feb 08, 2010
    Mexicana Airlines - Plane landed @ wrong airport
    United States

    We brought tickets form SFO to GDL round trip, everything was O.K. going. But coming back home was the worst trip every!!! Leaving GDL on 2/4/10 the plane was 1 1/2 hours late, finally was able to board, fright was going, had dinner every thing was still going well until around 9:15 or so. We were going to land around 9:30 9:45pm Ca time, when I felt the plane starting to turn, about ten mins. the pilots came on the radio, which I could NOT understand both in Spanish or English say something about landing in San Jose Ca. & weather???? We landing in San Jose, and was told it will take about 5 to 10 mins??? We waited on the Plane for 2 1/2 hours, and was told nothing, at one time during the wait the english recording did come on and was told not to use the bathrooms?????
    When we got off the plane it is was around 1:00 Am went through customs was told to wait outside, and someone will be talking to us from Mexicana rep. they were going to send us back back bus to SFO, but not until 5:00 am so they paid for cabs, we got to SFO around 3:00am, but we had to stay until 5:30am because the airports start at that time. We did not get home until 8:00am on Friday which makes it the worst fright every for me.

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  • Sh
      Aug 04, 2010
    Mexicana Airlines - Stay away
    Mexicana Airlines
    United States

    I booked a flight to Puebla Mexico on Mexicana using Expedia. I had recently been in Mexico and had a rather nightmarish experience getting out of Mexico via Mexico City Airport in the middle of the night. For women traveling alone, Mexico City Airport should only be used in the daytime. So, when I decided to return to Mexico I was very very careful in booking my flight. I booked a red eye going to Mexico because BART offers safe convenient transportation to San Francisco Airport until midnight I would need to leave via North Berkeley Bart around 10 p.m. (why I mention this will be become clear). My return flight leaves Puebla at 1 p.m. and arrives in San Francisco at 10 minutes until 7 p.m. So far so good. Two hours after I arrived in Puebla Mexico, Expedia sent me an e-mail saying my return flight had changed and I had to go

    Puebla to Guadalajara

    Guadalajara to Mexico City and then

    Mexico City to SFO.

    and my flight would arrive in the wee hours of the morning.

    This was a bait and switch. If they had informed me of the change I would have simply canceled the flight and possibly even chosen another city to visit. I am stil working with Expedia to rectify the situation.

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