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Star Allianceflight cancellation and re-routing

Turkish airlines a member of star alliance cancelled my flight and re-routed to another city. They refuse to support my transportation to final destination in any way. And I am supposed to find my own way. Company refuses to help. Customers are forced to take an unacceptable flight route or wait for another 48 hours. All star alliance does is to direct you to the airlines which ignores you at the first place.

Star Alliancejet airways

In the 30 years and over 1 million miles I have flown, my recent flight from Bangalore to Delhi was the worst experience of my life, due to the thoughtless and ignorance of the Jet Airways staff. I started my flight May 16th Reservation on United ticket E18J2V. The flight was delayed due to congestion in Delhi and re routed to Jaipur, where we were parked on the runway for 2 1/2 hours waiting in a hot stuffy plane (In other parts of the world this practice of leaving passengers on the runway is illegal, but Jet does not care). Finally we arrived into Delhi 3 hours late, and I had 20 minutes to connect to my United flight. There was nobody from Jet at the gate to help delayed passengers, so I hurried through security to find a monitor to get a flight update. I finally found a monitor in the international departure lounge which showed my gate was closed and I missed my flight. I called my travel agent, and they informed me that there was a Lufthansa flight in at 2.45am and Jet could lock me on this, or I could purchase a ticket for $550 and they would settle up later. I had an important meeting. Jet refused to lock me on Lufthansa, as they said there was not enough time to switch bags, and would not allow me to buy the Lufthansa ticket. They then proceeded to re issue me a Jet ticket in W class (economy) despite my United class ticket was C (first) for the next day. I was then lead around the airport for 5 hours while arrangements were made to get me to a hotel. At 5.15am I arrived at my hotel and was woken at 9am by housekeeping. I did not have my bags and the hotel did not have a laundry service that could do my shirt before 8pm the following day. The next day I spent 1 hour on the phone with United as they worked to un-book the Jet ticked and reissue me a new ticket in First class. They were totally baffled as to why Jet did not just lock me on the following day and not issue an economy ticket (probably Jet makes money by this deceptive practice). I was only able to get part of my ticket in first class as it was too late by the time United changed and the plane was full. I will never fly Jet air again, I will not encourage any of my 300 Bangalore staff to fly Jet, and will be reporting this incident to Star Alliance in the hopes Jet gets kicked out. The staff at the airport were disinterested and joked around, not paying any attention to customers I finally had to stand blocking the counter to get help.

Star Alliancevip lounge in sao paulo

I am a diamond member of avianca amigo program and I went through one of the most embarrassing situations of my life as traveller in the guarulhos, são paulo star alliance lounge on february 3, 2016. I was received with my daughter and son at the entrance by an attendant named jenifer. I showed my card and she informed me that I was only allowed in with one person. Because my card was still a gold one, I asked her if, being a diamond would make things different, as I had already gained the diamond status.

To my horror and surprise, jenifer answered that no and that that lounge was made for business people, not for kids nor for handicapped people. I was shocked. When my 16 year old son asked me if that made sense, she said that he was underage and should not be participating in the conversation.

I asked of the supervisor and then jenifer threatened to call the federal police, which by the way she faked, and never called.

I would like to know if this the kind of training the receptionists are given in brasil. I think beyond a politeness issue here, star alliance has a legal issue with this receptionist.

Star Allianceonline check-in

I booked a flight on Lufthansa from Toronto to Paris. I was informed that the flight is actually operated by Air Canada, which is okay. Lufthansa sent me an email to tell me that I had to do the online check-in through Air Canada. However the booking reference number provided by Lufthansa does not work on Air Canada. I tried the online check-on for both companies and it was not possible to connect. I found the Lufthansa general inquiry number but when I tried that, the message was that they are only open during normal business hours - that was not satisfactory since I was trying to do a 24 hour advance check-in for a 7:30 pm flight just after 7:30 on the previous day. I finally found another Lufthansa number at which I eventually was able to talk to someone but they could offer no help other than to try to contact Air Canada. In desperation I called the Air Canada reservations number and after several routings through the menu was able to talk to a person. She was actually quite helpful and was able to give me the Air Canada reference booking number from my e-ticket number. This all took about 45 minutes and fortunately I was able to check-in and still get a good seat.

Given all the promotional hoopla from Star Alliance, having this kind of run-around is just intolerable. I will make it a point, whenever possible, not to use either of these airlines. If someone from Star Alliance actually reads this complaint, it shouldn't take that much effort to provide passengers with either a single reference booking number which works on both airlines or to provide both booking reference numbers.

Star Alliancecoercive flight change / missed luggage

Me and my wife Had a confirmed reservations with Egypt air on return flight to CAI no TK9292 at 08:00 am 2nd Aug 2015
But we surprised that we were in waiting list and we stopped and forbiddened to enter the airplane without any reason which led to miss the flight and obliged to catch the flight on 16:00 coercively.
Which was not accepted by any means.
And we astonished that our luggage due to that, were missing till this moment
And this will be my second complaint

We took flight number MS738 on Sunday 2nd Aug 2015 comming from IST to CAI

We reachied cairo airport but our luggages "3bags" still missing till this moment.
we created a Service ticket number: CAI MS 2760#
And still waiting...

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Resolved Star Alliancecalling an award ticket free ticket and humiliating in front of checkin customers

I use AMEX to collect points;
I used my points an bought a ticket to my frond to use from Ottawa to Ho Chi Minh city with ticket number (Aeroplan MJMJKM)
Flight was an awar dticket and was corresponding to the $100.000 spending plus the $700 Airport taxes;

Problem 1: Air Canada said, you only have 1 luggage right with 32 kilo because this flight is to Izmir. They charged us $50 for the second luggage.

Q: Why does it differ if I stay 1 night or 8 nights to chaneg the luggage size

Biggest Problem: I was at the airport checking in for Izmir Istanbul part of the flight;
The personnel of Turkish Airlines asked me to limit my luggage to 1 piece because it is going to Istanbul. My friend tried to explain it is a ticket to Saigon (Ho Chi Mich ). They said because it is FREE ticket you have limited capacity. He had to go down to 23 kilo 1 piece. More important he was humiliated in front of the crowd waiting for checking by having a free ticket and asking too much; Connection is to Bangkok with the same airlines (Turkish Airlines). How comes they dont see the full picture?

How comes they call it a free ticket and humiliate you in front of people;

I also used that airport for my trip. They also gave me a hard time. They aslo said it was free ticket and asked me to limit my luggage.

They gave me electronic ticket instead of Boarding Pass. And Police at the Passport control said, i cant believe how this company operates. How can they give you an electronic ticket instead of Boarding Pass. He mentioned this is one of several issues he faces daily by the Turkish Airlines.

I am a Proud Turkish and happy to see the advertisements of Turkish Airlines.

But Turkish people has educations and personnel problems and they can not be happy if someone is having a free ticket and they can not.

Also the hostess at the airplane is most of the time rude.

I am ok with Air Canada but I want Turkish Airlines to be penalized and suspended for the Start Alliance even it helps me a lot with my connections

You can reach me at through the Air Canada ticket number I gave above. Please access my records from there;


Resolved Star Alliancepricing

I compared Star Alliance fares for a 'round the world trip beginning on April 13, 2010, from San Diego, California, USA, to Shanghai, China. Second segment was from Delhi, India, to Tbilisi, Georgia, on June 15, 2010. Third segment was from Tbilisi, Georgia, to Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 24, 2010. Final segment was from Copenhagen, Denmark, to San Diego, California, USA on July 25, 2010.

Although I am a frequent flier member on more than one of the Star Alliance participants, I was very disappointed to find that I could arrange my own flights, with various airlines (all dependable and some Star Alliance members) to cover the same destinations on the same dates for approximately 60% of the cost of the Star Alliance quoted economy fare.

I contacted Star Alliance with questions as to what were the benefits of using their services on this excursion. They contacted me and asked me to telephone their customer service department, which I did. The resultant conversation did nothing to assuage my problem, but insisted that Star Alliance was the "best of all" opportunities for 'round the world travel. I will encourage all fliers I know to (certainly) explore other flight opportunities before booking any 'round the world excursions with the Star Alliance system! What the Star Alliance advertises as a (price) beneficial method of circling the globe is nothing more than meaningless puffery and falsification!

Edward Wood

Star Alliance — no customer service

I have discovered there is clearly no working relationship between Star Alliance airlines, specifically...